21 Day Fast (August 11st-31st)

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Wednesday, we began out 21 days of prayer with a powerful prayer meeting.  Members submitted prayer cards, and interceded for one another, as well as prayed with each other.

In this, our Pastor brought us into focus and released the details of the fast.

For the these days, the membership is being asked to:

Abstain from all Breads.
Abstain from anything Fried.
Abstain from all Sweets.
Drink only Water.
Saturate our lives in Prayer.

We are believing that God will:

Draw us closer to God.
Make us Solid Disciple Makers.
Prepare us for Awesome Things.



21 Day Fast 8.11.16

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Prayer Request

I am calling First Met to a 21 Day Fast this month to cleanse our hearts and minds to hear from God. This fast will commence a corporate fast that we will engage in every year in August. The purpose of this fast is to draw us closer to the Lord, get us focused on “making disciples” through Belonging, Connecting, Growing, and Serving, and prepare our hearts for the awesome things the Lord has planned for our congregation.

Join Lady O, me and the congregation in a PRAYER MEETING tomorrow, Wednesday, August 10th at 7:30 pm to prepare us for 21 Days (August 11-31) of Fasting and Prayer.
Pastor O



Prayer Request
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Walk-a-Thon Follow up

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The First Met Greeters would like to thank everyone who came out to make the  Walk-a-Thon was a great success.  The team was pleased with the participation and is already making plans and looking forward to next year.

The 2016 Walk-a-Thon raised $350.00 for the Faith Forward Lifestyle Capital Campaign.

Drawings for the 40′ Smart TV and $50 Gift Card (for child) will be announced in a worship service that will be selected at a later date.

Sister Pat Tatum