Bowl & Barrel

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Join us tonight for Bowling at Bowl and Barrel located at 797 Sorella Ct. Suite 118, Houston, TX 77024
Time: 7 PM to 8 PM
Cost: $18




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May 24, 2019

Greetings First Met Family!

This is probably the most challenging letter I have ever written to you.

Three years ago, we embarked on a vision to build a dedicated building for worshipping our God—a new sanctuary.  It will be a facility that glorifies God where: worship takes place without basketball goals; members meet and fellowship in a grand foyer with a coffee bar and bookstore; parents place their babies and toddlers in a safe loving environment; and much more.  It will also be a place that benefits our community.

After 152 weeks we are so close, but not there yet.  We have secured a contractor. We have a new design that you’ll love.  We have two financial institutions ready to finance us.  And you have contributed over $1.1 million (THANK YOU!), but there is still have a gap of $400,000 from our goal.

I’m writing you to tell you: We need you to reach our goal.  I call on the faith and hope in you to produce a spirit of sacrifice for this worthy cause.  It’s not equal giving but equal sacrifice.” (1 Chronicles 21:24) Some have completed their pledges.  Many are very close to completion.  And even if you’re not close or have not pledged, we still need you to reach our goal. We can reach our goal if everyone sacrifices!

Here’s vital info to help you prepare for your sacrifice:

  1. The theme for June will be “Preparation for Abundance.” Each Sunday I’ll have a word that will lead you to abundance.
  2. Each Wednesday at 7:30 pm, we will have dynamic quest speakers to give practical, spiritual insights on how to live abundantly. They will be: Pastor Anissa Perkins who wrote the book: Money Needs Me; Wallace Williams, CPA (Budgeting and Tax Tips), Shawn Dorrough of The Wealth Shift Project & Guide Stone, and Keith Davis author of Maximizing Your Own Treasure Chest. Each Wednesday, we’ll close praying for Abundance from God. All Community Life Groups are expected to attend.
  3. The 4th Sunday June 23rd is our Day of Extravagant Giving. Every member is expected to give extravagantly on this day over and above tithes and offerings. Also, gifts will be provided for those who have or will complete their pledge on that day.
  4. You don’t have to wait to give. Each Sunday you’ll have the opportunity to give through Donate Way.  It will record each name and keep a running tally.  It’s going to be exciting!
  5. We’ll talk vision and have testimonies!!!

We can do this First Met!  We must do this for God!  Join Lady O and I in seeing the vision unfold.

Your Spiritual Father,

Pastor  O

Dr. John D. Ogletree, Jr.

Annual Budget Letter

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November 30, 2018

Dear Members,

First Metropolitan Church is a wonderful place to belong, connect, grow and serve.  It is members like you who make our church what it is today, and what it will become in the future.  We thank each of you for your financial support and commitment to help us grow spiritually, numerically and financially.

The Elders/Stewardship Team has prepared this up to date budget/report for you.  Our annual budget is $2,000,000 or $38,461 per week.  Our monthly expenditures consist of missions, ministries (Youth, Children, Music, Community Life Groups, Women’s, Men’s, Food Pantry etc.), as well as, financial support of various community programs/events.  The operation expenditures include mortgage, maintenance of our facilities and the personnel needed to operate and support the vision of our church.

2018graphicFrom January 1 – November 1 of 2018, First Met has collected $1,600,000, which includes $492,892 of dedicated Faith Forward funds. Our expenditure total thus far is $1,500,000, and is reflected in this chart.

To ensure we meet our budget, we need commitment and consistency from every member.

As you know, we are in a capital campaign and have requested each of you give a sacrificial gift, as God has blessed you, above your regular tithes and offerings for our new sanctuary.  Some of you have completed your pledge, some need to catch up, and some need to join in supporting our vision. Offerings given to the campaign are intended for the construction of the new sanctuary. These funds should not come from your regular tithes and offerings, which support our current budget.  Our record indicates that our “regular tithes & offerings” have been lower than usual this year and our capital campaign giving has increased significantly, which could indicate our tithes and offerings are now being given to the Capital Campaign fund – which is leaving a deficit in our daily operating funds.

We pray that you will complete your pledge before the end of the year, but only if it is above your regular tithes and offerings.  Our percentage of giving in the area of tithes and offerings has decreased while our giving to the Capital Campaign fund has increased.  We understand that your financial circumstances may change from time to time. We prayerfully ask that you review your current giving to ensure you are giving proportionally to both funds and consider giving a little more as we close out the 2018 year.

If you are not a regular tither, now is a great time to start and catch up on your giving. If God has blessed you, we are asking that you give an extra special Christmas gift to your church before December 31, 2018.  If we all pray, pull together and do our fair share of giving and sacrificing, WE CAN DO THIS!  Remember, it is not Equal Giving but Equal Sacrifice!  Let’s pray about a special offering this December that will honor God and bridge our financial gap.

Finishing Strong,

Pastor and Lady O

GriefShare 11-26

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Our GriefShare Support Group has only two more sessions left in the Fall Cycle.   Monday night, Nov. 26, 2018 at 6:30 pm, we will cover Session 12: Heaven. This session reminds you that God has promised a better place for those who trust in Christ as Savior and encourages you to console yourself with that hope.

On the following Monday, Dec. 03, 2018 we will cover Session 13: What Do I Live For Now? This session will cover what to do when this GriefShare cycle is over. It will cover how to continue moving forward through your grief to healing and freedom of pain.

If this is your first time coming to GriefShare, that’s no problem. You will be helped from each session. Bring along a friend or relative for support or as a way to introduce them to the GriefShare program.

Please let me know if you are coming so we can properly prepare for you and your guest.

Bless You,

Brenda Harvey, Facilitator
GriefShare Ministry
First Metropolitan Church