Month: June 2017

Women’s Conference 2017

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Don’t miss this year’s Women at the Feet of Jesus Conference, July 14th-16th! Special guests include Dr. Jazz Sculark, Dr. Ruth Ollison, Michelle Harden, and Psalmist Jody McCalla. It will be an awesome time of encouragement, engagement,hiddenfacesflyer1 and empowerment as we explore this year’s theme: Hidden Faces: Remove the Mask.

To register for Saturday’s conference, use this link:  Registration is only $40 and it includes breakfast and lunch, plus the chance to win door prizes.

Don’t delay, register today!

Pastor’s Desk: June 12, 2017

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Greetings First Met Family,

We had an amazing time in the Lord yesterday! Our Youth were on fire and are expanding, which means we have to get busy, and build to out of their way. Our graduates will be back in four years and we must be ready to put them to work. They are all watching us and following our lead. They will remember this day and expect us to fulfill our vow to get this building built. The youth workers are training leaders to pass on the baton, so we must get everything ready to pass on a blessing that reflects God’s Greatness! Time is of the essence. Our future is before us.

Dr. Norman’s message was right on time! It is so amazing how God has allowed him to become a part of our family. When we asked for the members who made the first sacrifice for our current location, Dr. Norman was included in that number. With such a small number sacrificing back then, if we all sacrifice now, we can certainly do so much more today! In the sermon, Dr. Norman was real with us, because he cares about our future. He wants to see our church built. He believes we have what it takes to get the job done. He knows what our potential and is challenging us to change our thinking!0026

We all want the building. We all believe the building is going to be built, but our minds need to be changed about putting God first and making a commitment to give so the building will be built. Remember, faith without works is dead. We need to change our mindset to not just be a believer and a spectator but be determined to do our part. We are not asking for everyone to equally give, but to equally sacrifice, based on how God has blessed you and your family. God has blessed us all, so we must all share what He has blessed us with. This building is for God! He is asking us to join Him in what He is doing for this community and future generations to come. Don’t miss this opportunity!

First Met, we can and must pull together, do our part and get our building built! Pray and ask God this week what he wants you to pledge. Sunday bring your commitment card back filled out. We will have a sacred prayer time asking God to bless our commitment and to reveal how we can change our lifestyle to meet our pledge.

The following Sunday is our Extravagant Giving Day. Bring your First Fruit Offering (a down payment). This day is very important! Last year we made a vow to God to give in one year $600,000.00 toward our new building. As of April 30, 2017 we have given $224.660.67. As you can see we are behind, but we can catch up if everyone will give according to how God has blessed them. These funds are not a part of our tithes and offerings which belong to God. This is money from our personal funds. God has been so good to us. We have abundance in our life because God has given it to us. To whom much is given, much is required. We must not give that excess to the world; it must be given back to God to build His Sanctuary.

We serve a GREAT GOD and WE HAVE GREAT EXPECTATIONS OF HIM! He is going to do great things, BUT IT WILL BE THROUGH US. What an opportunity!

Changed and charged to cross the 1st year finish line victoriously,

Pastor and Lady O