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Are You Ready…

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Are You Ready to make a Lifestyle Commitment?

Steps to Making a Lifestyle Commitment

Step 1
Before you think of money, ask God to point out anything that is hindering our relationship with Him. Consecrate your temple and rededicate yourself to God first, then you can hear what God is saying about your resources. (2 Chronicles 29:1-2)

Step 2
Pray individually, and if married, as a couple. Ask God to direct you to the amount God wants you to give towards the Lifestyle Stewardship Capital Campaign. As God to stretch you beyond your comfort zone so that you can see God work in an exciting way in your life.

Step 3
Ask yourself what amount of money you DESIRE to give?
You could BELIEVE God to provide for you to give?

Step 4
Prayerfully write down the amount you believe God is speaking to your heart.




Once you write down the amount, ask yourself, or if married, ask each other the following questions:

1.  Is this amount a WORTHY sacrifice in light of my faith in God’s ability?

2.  Am I EXCITED about trusting God for this sacrifice, or am I being motivated by fear, pride, or competition in pledging this amount?

3. Can I honestly say this pledge is going to Require AN ADJUSTMENT IN MY

If your can answer YES to all of the above questions, then you can feel comfortable about your gift amount.  Otherwise, repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you are comfortable with your answer from Step 4SanctuaryShort

Once God gives you peace about the appropriate amount, make your pledge and resolve in your heart to follow through. (2 Corinthians 8:11-12)


  1.   Lifestyle Stewardship is Giving that Impacts our way of Living
  2.   God measures our gift not by comparing us to others but by Our Sacrifice
  3.   Our giving must Touch the things we Value to truly have meaning to God
  4.   Your commitment is Over and Above your regular Tithes & Offerings


Commitment will be received on
First Fruits Sunday,
Sunday, June 26, 2016

Your Commitment is Confidential and will never be announced.

Faith Forward Newsletter

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Greetings First Met,

I thank God continually for you and the way  God has allowed us to grow together as a strong family of faith on the Beltway.  God has placed on my heart to build a sanctuary for future generations to worship Him.  This will require that we do a capital campaign.  I have entitled it, “Faith Forward.”  God is calling First Met to move forward to expand His Kingdom, and I need each of you to be faithful to this calling.  This new structure will allow us to be more fruitful and to give God glory!
pastor oWe thank God for our present facility, which is the result of those who exercised their “Bold Faith for a Big Vision.”  We will give it attention as well, while we proceed with the plans for the new building.  For that project, we used the same method; a Capital Campaign and the same facilitator; Dr. Norman.  It was a spiritual journey of faith and commitment.  It drew us closer together and united us, as we planned and supported our stewardship program.  Where there is unity God commands the blessing, and He did.  As you saw on our church anniversary, a few people sacrificed so all of us could have a place to worship, meet new friends and raise families.  We must count it an honor that God is using us to prepare for   future generations of families;  a place where they can Belong, Connect, Grow and Serve.
It is my prayer that you will  participate with great joy and gratitude.  We must move forward with faith, and watch God take our resources, and use them in a mighty way for His glory!

For His Service,
Pastor O.


What is a Lifestyle Stewardship Campaign?

“Lifestyle Stewardship:” is a church-wide process of spiritual and financial development for members to personally experience God working through them to contribute to the building of His kingdom.

“Lifestyle Stewardship” is a
shared spiritual experience
within the church family.”

The goal of this experience is to stretch beyond the current limitations we’ve operated under and begin fulfilling GOD’s vision for First Metropolitan Church. SanctuaryShort

Over & Above Giving
Lifestyle Stewardship capital campaigns rely on church members making gifts over and above their current giving. The best path to increased giving is a spiritual path, where you set your heart on heavenly things. Financial priorities then take shape from spiritual goals.

“Lifestyle Stewardship” is a phrase that describes a level of giving that affects one’s living. The challenge of Lifestyle Stewardship is to find ways, boldly and prayerfully to let your giving touch your living.

How Much Should I Plan to Give?

King David declared, “I will not offer to GOD that which costs me nothing”.
2 Samuel 24:24

The three keys to Lifestyle Stewardship are:

1. Reassess our Lifestyle
During this spiritual journey, we are asked to take a close look at the different areas in our lives to discover a path to strengthen our relationship with GOD’s will , so that our sacrifice reflects our level of commitment to the growth of His kingdom.

2. Rearrange our Priorities
As we prayerfully consider our contributions, we are asked to rearrange our lives in accordance to GOD’s will, so that our sacrifice reflects our level of commitment to the growth of His kingdom.

3. Reallocate our Resources
As we individually and collectively shift our resources, it is important to remember that although we may be different in our ability to give, our willingness to do our part during this sacrificial giving commitment should be one and the same.


The monies raised during our three (3) year commitment will be used to build our new worship center and to complete necessary project to our family life center.
Our sacrificial giving will enable us to “prepare” our resources by renewing a spirit of generosity, so that we are able to “prevail” towards building an inheritance for our children’s children

Our Campaign Theme Source:
Philippians 3:13-14
13b Instead I am single minded: forgetting the things that are behind and reaching out for the things that are ahead, 14 with this goal in mind, I strive towards the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

National Day of Prayer 2016

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First Met,

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 5th is the National Day of Prayer. The theme this year is Wake Up America, emphasizing the need for individuals, corporately and individually, to return to the God of our Fathers in reverence for His Holy Name.

I’m asking you to join our Prayer Line in the morning from 6 am to 7 am. Call 1.712.832.8310, Code: 2776394#.Nationadayprayer16

Also, I want every member read and meditate on Psalm 33:12-22 and pray at noon for America to wake up spiritually.


Pastor O