Our Mission and Values


We are a family of faith, leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ by Belonging, Connecting, Growing and Serving.


The mission of First Metropolitan is to be a: Dynamic Congregation that Declares God’s Word to our Community and beyond that Draws people to Christ; that leads people to Develop a godly lifestyle; and, that seeks to Demonstrate God’s love through service.


We Value The Word of God! We aggressively pursue Christian Education and promote individual study of God’s Word. We give ourselves fully to the principles, precepts and promises revealed through God’s written Word, The Bible.

We Value Worship! We believe that worship is the chief priority of man. We encourage the free expression of reverence to God privately as well as in the assembly of believers, in spirit and in truth.

We Value People! We accept people as they are. Social status, race, appearance and personal backgrounds are not an issue with us. Valuing people means we are intentional about the establishment of relationships so there can be genuine fellowship in the community.

We Value Unity! We consciously choose to join our hearts together for one purpose. We are one biblical community. We move in the same direction, enthusiastically and joyfully. The Senior Pastor, leaders and membership are one team for Christ. We are determined to resolve all conflict in love. Valuing unity means that we don’t tolerate strife, contention or gossip.

We Value Youth! We love young people. We believe that gifted people, time, energy and resources should be directed toward their growth and nurture. To this end, we make provisions for them in the vision of our community. We encourage them. We support them. We lead them. We teach and train them.

We Value Diversity! We understand that God has shaped people differently. People have different spiritual gifts, passions and personal styles. In addition, there are differences in past experiences, talent and educational background. We believe that this diversity helps make the community function to its maximum capacity and should be appreciated.

We Value Commitment! We believe that every born again believer ought to make a commitment to the local church. The commitment should be expressed in a lifestyle of faith through worship, Bible study, small group involvement, service, evangelism and the giving of one’s financial resources to support the church.

We Value Flexibility! We believe that we must always be alert to the movement of God; therefore, change is expected and welcomed. We must never become rigid or bound by tradition in our thinking or practice. We encourage innovation, risk-taking, creative thinking and continuous learning. Valuing flexibility means we are willing to do things differently and to try things we have never done before.

We Value Authenticity! We value being genuine in our faith. Our aim is be real in our behavior and speech. We live what we preach, teach and sing. Valuing authenticity means we strive for character and integrity.

We Value Family! We acknowledge the family as a creation of God to provide stability in society and to perpetuate godliness. We value the family unit in its many variables. We believe that the roles of husband, wife, children and parent should be enhanced and encouraged with biblical instruction.

We Value Leadership! Valuing leadership means we trust men and women who are gifted and who have the passion and the personality to influence others for God. We believe that leaders should be spiritual, maturing, committed, trained and empowered. We do not vote on ministry leadership positions.

We Value Excellence! We believe that the highest standard should be set for everything we do. Our goal is to achieve quality in every area of ministry. Valuing excellence means there is accountability to God and to each other, and that we will continually evaluate what we do.

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