Month: December 2017

Children’s Ministry Update

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Good Afternoon Solid Rock Parents,

During the last two months we have been diligently registering your child/ren in Solid Rock.  Thank you for getting this done.  We were preparing to begin checking your child into Children’s Church electronically.

  1. Sunday, December 10th we will begin using the electronic system.
  2. You will no longer manually sign your child/ren in and out of Solid Rock.
  3. You will no longer be allowed to send your child/ren upstairs to firstmet_30thmaroonchildren’s church without checking them in.
  4. You will no longer be allowed to have a sibling bring your child/ren to children’s church, unless you have listed them on the registration form (must be at least 17 years old).
  5. An individual will be available to assist you in checking your child/ren in/out.
  6. You and your child/ren will be issued a label.
  7. You will need this label to pick up your child/ren.  Your child’s label will be affixed to their clothing and have a bar code which will enable us to text you if you are needed.
  8. If your child/ren sing in the choir or is an usher and will be attending Solid Rock after, you must check them in and receive labels before they report to assigned task area.
  9. Your child/ren will not be checked in or released to anyone that you have not listed as a guardian or contact on the registration form.

Once we get the process perfected, you will be provided an app that will give you the option to check your child in using your smartphone and you will only need to pick up your label on arrival.

We have enjoyed a lenient check in/out process for some time.  However, the world is changing and we must now be proactive in protecting the children that we are entrusted with during Solid Rock Children’s Church.

Thank you for trusting your children will us but the church is not the safe haven it once was, therefore, we must put safer practices in place.

This process should ultimately be safer, quicker and easier for us all.

Thanks for your patience as we put this process in place.

Sis. Sandra Downs

Magnificent Gift

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Greetings First Met Family,
I’m excited to inform you that we are nearing a very significant time for our church, the commencement of construction plans for our new sanctuary. It’s been almost 18 months since we began our Faith Forward Campaign, and now, it’s time to meet with the bank, the builders and plan for the ground breaking service in 2018.
pasladoI know you’re excited about this news. Each of us will play a critical role in the construction of our new sanctuary. Throughout the Word of God, the house of God has been the central place. The same is true today!
God’s house (sanctuary) is the place built for Gods people to worship Him by His people who are dedicated to Him and His kingdom. It is a place for His presence. It is a place where He listens to our prayers. It is the place where people get saved, healed, delivered, strengthened, encouraged, revived, forgiven, loved, transformed… There is no other place like it in a community.
We have a one of a kind opportunity to build a sanctuary that will have a life changing effect on individuals and families for generations to come. This sanctuary is really not for us, it’s for God, our children and our children’s children. It’s for those who’ll move into this community needing to find God and a people who love and serve Him.
This opportunity will never be available again. The time to get on board is NOW! This dream can only be a reality with the finances from you, God’s people.  Throughout the month of December, I need you to give a “Magnificent Gift”—one that gets the attention of heaven. This special gift is for His house. In the prophetic writing of Haggai, God’s rebuked the Israelites for prioritizing their houses over God’s house. (Haggai 1:2-5) This month resolve to catch up on your pledge, give for the first time or commit with a new pledge.

First Met., let’s take a leap of faith like never before and present a “Magnificent Gift” to God this Christmas Season like you’ve never given before. God sent His “only begotten” Son—the most magnificent gift to all mankind. He gave His best to us, now we must give our best. II Samuel 24:24 tells us that our gift should costs us some level of sacrifice. Based on how you have been blessed, your “magnificent gift” may be in the hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands. Whatever it is, your harvest will reflect your seed. So First Met, lets sow to our Great God, with Great Expectations for a Magnificent Sanctuary!

Faith Forward for 2018,


Pastor O, Lady O