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Leaders Roundtable

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There will be a Leaders Roundtable Meeting on Sunday, July 26, 2015 at 1 p.m. All current ministry leaders and those who are interested in leading a ministry are invited. Bring your mid-year reports. Be sure to RSVP via e-mail or by phone.


Being a Light at The Beacon

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IMG_2963 Saturday, the Next Level Young Adult Ministry of First Met set its eyes on showing the love of Christ at The Beacon.

The mission of The Beacon is “to provide services that restores dignity, self respect and hope to Houston’s poor and homeless.”  The ministry was established by Christ Church Cathedral in 2007.  The Beacon averaged servicing to 600 to 800 people a day.

While there,  the young adults served in a variety of capacities.  Manning different station;s which brought together the meal that would feed those that made their way to the Beacon.

“Our members served the community by preparing food,  laundering clothes, and monitoring facility usage” said Chriswell Jones. Though the work was a sacrifice, they served with a smile, bringing a loving attitude and hard working diligence.  IMG_2968

Brooke said, “Being able to serve the community of those less fortunate was a blessing to me. I enjoy seeing the smile on their faces IMG_2965as we serve them. Beacon community center is doing great things to bless the Houston community.”

“The event was rewarding for all”  Chriswell reported.

Haiti 2015 Ministry Team…..

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The 2015 Haiti Team has been hard at work.  The members of First Metropolitan and Bethany have spent the past two days building 2 of the 4 houses scheduled for construction.  Featured in the posted pictures are the members of the team not only speaking forth the love of Christ, but doing the work of Christ, showing His love to their by building a home to meet their needs.

Missionary Vaughn and Francois sifting cement
Missionary Vaughn and Francois sifting cement

One of the quiet story lines is the Francois and Vaughn family.  They represent 3 generations of missionaries, all serving God on the Haiti 2015 trip.  Seen in the photo, is Grandson Nehemiah Francois serving with grandmother Missionary Bertha Vaughn (Not pictured is Mission Ministry Lead/mother Lynette Francois).  Missionary Vaughn, a member of Bethany Baptist, is a seasoned missionary, spending 2 plus years living in Africa.

Missionary Vaughn & Francois in front of 1 of 4 homes being built
Missionary Vaughn & Francois in front of 1 of 4 homes being built
Missionary Bundy in Vacation Bible School

A former educator and administrator from Prairie View A & M and Texas Southern University, she left the halls of academia, and made her home an indigenous hut that placed her close to the harvest field.  Her labor of love and dedication has impacted the following generations.  Her daughter now leading the Missions Ministry at First Met, and her grandson a missionary as a youth.

The mission team took a moment from building homes to build the people of Haiti.  On schedule, Vacation Bible School!  Planned were fun lessons and projects that would help the children get a better understanding of who God is, and how much God loves them.  Featured in the pictures is one to the many entertaining projects that provided both the message of Love but a functional piece; The Sun Visor of Love.

Pastor O working Vacation Bible School in Haiti

The students were all excited to make the visors and were entertained by the vibrant colors and the exuberant Spirit of the missionaries, who were eager to bring some joy to the life of those they touched for Christ.  Missionary Kelly Bundy enjoyed sharing the gift of Christ and creativity with the kids.  On each hat was featured the words “Jezi (heart symbol) Ayiti” whtich means Jesus Loves Haiti.

2015 Ministry Expo…

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Greetings Leaders,


The next 2015 Ministry Expo will be held on July 19th, 2015, from 9:30 to 10:30, and immediately following the 10:45 service in the Fellowship Hall.  An announcement will be made on this Sunday, July 12th, to encourage all members to “Get in The Game”.  Slide1


It’s time to highlight your ministry, and recruit new ministry servants. Take advantage of this great opportunity to introduce your ministry to current members, and invite them to share in the joy, benefits and fulfillment you experience while serving in ministry. It is also a time to encourage those who are not serving to begin sharing their time and talent with their church. In order to make this a successful event, leaders are to write a brief synopsis (3-5 sentences) on what it’s like to serve in their ministry. This can be achieved by completing the attached form and submitting to Linda Burnett at mailto:lburnett@firstmet.orgno later than Wednesday, July 15th at 6:30 pm.


It is also necessary to secure a table for your ministry. Table assignments will be on a first come basis and must be set up on Saturday, July 18th, from 9:00 to 12 noon only. Please inform us of who will maintain your table at 9:30 and following the 10:45 am service.


It is the responsibility of the leader to:

1. Assign at least two members to maintain the table during these times.

2. Creatively set up table with a sign-up sheet and a welcome packet.

3. Every person who signs up must be personally contacted by the leader within 24-48 hours following the Expo.

4. Continue to reach out to the volunteer, until they become a part of the ministry. This may take some time, so be patient and encouraging.


The remainder of this year is going to be great for First Met as our ministries move to the Next Level! We definitely accomplish so much more when we do it together. Let’s get busy…“Recruiting to Advance the Kingdom!”


“Is anything too hard for the Lord? At the appointed time He will…” Genesis 18:14

Haiti Mission Team Update (7.9.15)

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The 2015 Haiti Mission Team was blessed to arrive safely in Haiti the evening of July 7th.  Families were greeted with a message from local host Mark Gullery and Sandy Gleason, stating “Your loved ones have arrived safely in Haiti, and at Grand Goave.  They are enjoying supper, and then will have a time of devotion.  After devotion they will be getting settled into their dorms.”  Pastor O said of his initial experience in Haiti with Lifeline Ministries, “Awesome mission program here!”

The food being served is some of America’s finest cuisine.  Lunch on day 2 was a mouth watering hot dog with succulent macaroni and cheese, was accompanied with lays chips, and most importantly, fruit punch to quench the thirst. 11709354_10204047410015830_5185411175524569068_n

Both Brother Gullery and Sister Gleason agreed “They are all very tired and are looking forward to a good night’s sleep before we tackle 11701227_10204047412095882_8858373807323987417_nour tasks tomorrow.”   Missionary Francois reports, “Our bedroom in the private cottage at Lifeline Christian Ministries campus in Grande Guave, Haiti.”  The sleeping quarters featured a comfy bunk bed with a window air conditioning unit.  The floor plan is very spacious, featuring widows and privacy through curtains.

The group closed out the night in worship.  The service was filled with the Spirit, which provided energy to the worshipers.  All sang and danced, giving God the highest praise they could deliver to the King.  Each believer provided a warm welcome, as people of all colors served and worshiped the same Lord!11701236_10204049147259260_5332020018676427441_n

Keep the Haiti Mission Team in your prayers.  Tomorrow, they begin building the homes the homes that First Met and Bethany Baptist raised money to build.  Four families will have a place to stay upon our departure.  Praise the Lord!

Time to Build: Haiti 2015

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The 2015 Haiti Team left for Port-au-Prince the morning of July 7th from Houston’s Hobby Airport around 7 AM.  After a short layover in Atlanta, the group boarded it’s flight for Haiti, filled with hope and excitement.  The group will be focused in Grand Goave, Haiti , serving through LifeLine Ministries11694137_10204041673032409_7297557119777280818_n

The group of 8, combination of members from First Met and Bethany Baptist Church, have been preparing for the 2015 trip since the first successful trip to Haiti in 2014, which featured lots of ground work, feeding children and helping with local housing projects.  The group learned much about the landscape of needs in Haiti, working with local orphanages and worshiping with believers abroad.
Eager for return, this group, dubbed by Lead Missionary Lynette Francios, “Appointed by God” is geared up to build 4 homes in Haiti, share the Gospel message, run Vacation Bible School, run a Women Ministry, as well as provide dental attention and afghans for local residents.

11427219_10203900209615912_6243024200458034814_nMissionary Bertha Vaughn wrote, “…remain prayerful asking for the presence of the Holy Spirit for our protection and provision…that the Gospel will be received and many come to salvation in Christ”   Please keep the Haiti Missionary Team in your prayers as they show the love of Christ to residents of Haiti.

Europe; Here She Comes!

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First Met Teen, Callie Martin will be a part of a group of youth through People to People.  People to People is  a government organization implemented by President Eisenhower in the 50’s that help “students build skills for the future is through transformative experiential learning”CallieMartin

The 50+ year old program, makes students a U.S. Ambassador, and will allow her to experience European citizens and living for 21 days. Her trip will take her to Italy for 10 days, France for 4 days and them Spain for the last 4 days.  For completing the trip, she will be awarded a world history equivalent, and will also have a great experience that will set her apart from other college applicants. CallieMartin2
Our Pastor & First Lady covered her in prayer this past Sunday, and we are asking that she be kept in the prayers of the saints while she travels.

Callie, the daughter of Deacon Fulton and Monica Martin left early on the morning of June 2nd from George Bush Intercontinental Airport.