Month: January 2020

The Malachi Challenge

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The Malachi Challenge

This Sunday is a day of commitment. I’m asking each member to make a commitment to serve in ministry in 2020 and to make a commitment to God-pleasing stewardship.

Our Stewardship Team will present to you The Malachi Challenge. It asks each member to be generous through tithes (10%) and offerings. And, if an individual or family is in a financial circumstance where it is believed the tithe is too challenging, it asks that you pledge an amount above the national average and strive toward the tithe.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Every member should seek God through prayer about their financial
commitment in 2020.
2. Each member will be given a Malachi Challenge pledge card this
Sunday. (A sample is provided below.)
3. Members will be asked to complete the card and place it in the
special envelope and bring it to the altar near the end of the service.
4. I will pray over each individual and family with oil.