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31st Church Anniversary

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February 21, 2018

Greetings First Met!

This Sunday we celebrate 31 years as a family of faith in Northwest Houston.  I am happy to report; God has been so good to us.  His hand has been and remains firmly on our ministry.  I’m sure you have experienced and seen Him work in our congregation as He expands His kingdom. pastor o

This Sunday, we celebrate our church anniversary with some anointed guest:  Bishop Merton L. Clark of Truth Revealed Ministries in Palm Bay, Florida; anointed psalmist Johnny Johnson and gospel comedian “Cantaloupe.”  It’s going to be a glorious 31st celebration!  You will not want to miss this Sunday.  After the 10:45 service, we will salute our Dream Team with a dinner at 2pm honoring for dynamic service.

I want you to think about the message the Spirit of God gave me last Sunday:  “The Plus Side.”  God promises to add to our resources when we put His kingdom and righteousness first.  (Matthew 6:33)   Many of you shared with me how meaningful the message was to you. There are many testimonies in our congregation from those who have experienced the addition of God.

For our 31st I want you to present a significant offering toward our Faith Forward Campaign.  We need to catch up by raising about $1million dollars before June of 2019. We can do this!

The Spirit of God has assured Lady O and me that this year will be a breakthrough year.  Many blessings will flow to First Met and our members this year.  Will you join me in tapping into the overflow from God with a seed of thanksgiving for our church this Sunday?  Sow according to how God has blessed you.  Sow: $31.00; $62.00; $93.00; $131.00; $262.00 or $1,031.00.

Make this a grand anniversary celebration and help put First Met on the Plus Side.  See you Sunday.


From the Heart of Your Pastor,


Dr. John D. Ogletree, Jr.

Faith Forward: December 2017

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Message From our Pastors

First Met, we are so excited about the month of December: The Magnificent Gift. We know all of you will do your best to help us reach our goal by New Year’s Eve. Your Magnificent Gift is going to bring us closer to building our sanctuary.

Please pray and join the campaign to build our new sanctuary. Feel free to call the church office at 713-983-7878 for additional information.

With Great Expectations,

Pastor & Lady O


‘The Magnificent Gift’

As we quickly approach the end of the year, we want to make sure we have fulfilled our pledges and are meeting the goal of our capital campaign 2017.

In the month of December, we are asking all members to catch up and/or begin to give to the building campaign. For the next four Sundays, we’re asking each of you to contribute towards ‘The Magnificent Gift’ offering. On the first four Sundays (December 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd) an offering appeal will be given during the worship service, along with a testimony encouraging everyone to bring their Magnificent Gift.

Please be prepared to bring your magnificent Gift each week or you may pay in a lump sum.

On December 31st (New Year’s Eve) we will celebrate the end of the Magnificent Gift giving and announce our final tally.

If you haven’t pledged or you’re new to First Met, we will have a table in the foyer each Sunday to visit and get all of our questions answered as to how you too can get on board to fulfilling this Great Vision for our new sanctuary.

Where are we Today?


From the Pastor’s Desk

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Greetings First Met,

Grace and peace to you and your family this Christmas season! Lady O and I want to express our sincere appreciation for your love, leadership and continued membership here at First Met. Your commitment to serve, promote and attend worship services/events throughout the year has made First Met a strong light in this community. We’ve experienced many mountain top moments this year, along with a few valleys. Through it all God has sustained us and caused all things to work together for our good. With his grace and favor we are finishing strong! We give all Glory to God!

Pastor O & Lady O
Pastor & Lady O

As we prepare for 2016, I see God moving us towards something “Big”, so I want to challenge you to get ready. In reviewing the blessings God has given to us personally and as a church family, I have had to look at our giving and realize it has been a challenge for many of our members. We have a very strong core group of members who are committed tithers, but the majority of our members are non-tithers and a good group are not even good givers. With God’s favor and wisdom, we have remained strong! I don’t believe our giving for 2015 is an accurate reflection of how great God has been to us. While I am not one to ask for money, nor do I believe in strong tactics to get members to give, I do believe it is my responsibility as your Pastor to make you aware of your giving, teach you biblical truths and compel you to change your ways and honor God. God is going to do Big things, but we must do Big things with what He gives us.

So as we close this year and prepare for 2016 there are a few things I must ask of you: 1. Reflect on your giving last year and compare what you gave to what you should have given. This is easy. If you make 60, 000 dollars a year, your giving should be at least 6,000.00 by the end of December. 2. Pray and give God what is due Him. So simply put, give a gift to your church that reflects God’s blessings to you. If you are a tither, Lady O and I sincerely thank you for your steadfast support. We could have not made it without you! I am asking that you pray and give a gift that honors God. First Met, we must end the year strong and honorably. In 2016, We want God to bless us, bless our families, and bless our church. We cannot rob God and expect Him to bless us, so let’s honor God with our time, talent and treasure. Something Big is coming our way so we must Get Ready!

We have had a wonderful year, but the truth is we faced some giving challenges such as low giving and two months of stormy weather which caused extremely low attendance on those Sundays. When the majority of members are absent and forget to send in their tithes and offerings, the budget is not met. This process places the church in a position of trying to make up and catch up with the budget. Just like your household, the church needs a set amount of funds to function and meet the budgeted monthly expenses. When you are absent or when you forget to give, the bills still have to be paid. I am asking you to commit to giving a set amount every month to your church home. We create the budget based on expected funds from our members, therefore I am asking each of you to put God first in your giving by setting up automatic bill pay online: so when you are absent your church’s budget will be met. We must make sure God’s House is always taken care of. This honors God! “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you. Close the year with a steadfast giving attitude. Finish Strong”!

During the year, some of you became relaxed in your financial commitment to the kingdom of God. Sometimes distractions or devastation’s happen in our lives. Whatever the case, the past cannot be relived. Even though you missed some months in your giving, you still have December to make up and catch up, so Finish strong! In the next few weeks give in a manner that pleases the Lord. ‘Don’t give it all to the mall! Finish strong!

Christmas is all about giving. God saw the great need of mankind and gave His only begotten Son to us. “For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son…” (John 3:16) On the 25th of December, we celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ. Why not bring a special gift to the Lord this season? After, all it’s His birthday. Bring Him a gift worthy of who He is to you and all mankind. “And when they had come into the house, they saw the young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshiped Him. And when they opened their treasures, they presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” (Matthew 2:11)

December is going to be an exciting month at First Met. Our young people with present a special Christmas worship on the 13th at both services. On Wednesday the 16th at 7:30 pm, we have our Annual Church Conference. The theme for the meeting is: God’s Up to Something Big! You’ll want to be present to hear and see what we expect God to do in 2016 with Discipleship, Evangelism, Youth, Marriages, Vision 2020, Facilities, Budget and Leadership. Don’t miss the Church Conference!

First Met has always been a giving church to others. This year, we sent Peanut Butter and built four homes for Haiti, we gave to Single Mothers, College Students, teachers, peace officers, back to school supplies, … Oh, don’t forget our big outreach to the community giving toys to needy families and: “Snow on the Beltway.” I know you will continue to give again this year. Finish Strong!

We are excited to bring to our campus again the Ensemble Theater’s production of “What Child is This?” on the 20th at 7 pm. So get here early and be in your seats for a night to remember. On Christmas Day at 10 am,, let’s gather to worship our savior on His Big Day. Each year our Christmas worship is so mystical and magnificent. It is a tradition you’ll want to make and keep. Your family will be so blessed!

December will close the year with our “Watchnight” Service, preceded by our Chili and Gumbo cook off/feast. Eating starts at 8 pm and worship at 10. See you in church this December.

Finishing Strong!
Pastor O

Pastor O honored as Top Influential Leader

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Drs. John & Evelyn Ogletree, Jr. at Diamond Jubilee Celebration
 John & Evelyn Ogletree, Jr. at Diamond Jubilee Celebration

August 9th, Pastor O was honored as one of Cypress Fairbank ISD’s top 75 most influential people.  Dr. John Ogletree, Jr has been a community presence in CFISD even before his election to the Trustee Board in 2003.  His desire to be and create life long learners has fortified the board, ensuring that not only academic excellence is pursuid, but ghat civil injustices are haulted and the equality of all students and educators exist.

Dr. Ogletree has solidified himself as one who stands for all people, giving a voice to all who are and or have been kept silent.  It’s been said that those sitting at the table write the story, and thus Dr. Ogletree has taken his seat , serving as an editor of editors, correcting grammatical mistakes, and helping the readers and audience take ownership by making them feel one with the authors.

Dr. Ogletree posing with a Family representative from Carverdale who was honored
Dr. Ogletree posing with a Family representative from Carverdale who was honored

The acknowledgement wrote of Dr. Ogletree recorded, “Enthusiastic in his role, Ogletree attends many district events,-one may encounter him in an athletic apparel at the Super intended Fun Run or in formal business attire at a Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship professional development seminar…earning the designation of Master Trustee.”  The night was filled with music and the fellowship of of other honorees, family members and church  members united to celebrate the district and to give thanks to the top 75 that have served and sacrificed to ensure that CFISD remains a model district and one of the top districts in the state of Texas and the world.

Dr. Ogletree being honored at Diamond Jubilee Celebration
Dr. Ogletree being honored at Diamond Jubilee Celebration


We are blessed to have such a leader as Dr. Ogletree!  He has demonstrated the love of Christ in his service at the church and also in the community.  His understanding of the Gospel and his demonstration of the Word should inspire all to impact the community it at large, placing Christmas on the main stage as a part of every discussion. First Met congratulates our amazing leader, Dr. Joh D. Ogletree, Jr. As a Top 75 Influential Leader.



Pastor & Lady O featured in Houston Church News

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Click here for the Houston Church News feature on Pastor & Lady O

On Sunday, November 24th several hundred members of First Metropolitan Church gathered for the celebration of the church’s 27th anniversary.

First Met’s founders and co-pastors John and Evelyn Ogletree spoke frankly about their 27 year journey; the good and the not so good as well as Pastor John Ogletree’s call to ministry after coming to Houston to attend law school, becoming an attorney and after two years practicing law answering that call.  Read More….

Dr. Evelyn Ogletree; Honored as a Top 50 Mentor

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Inspire Women November 1, 2013

On Friday, November 1, 2013 First Lady of First Metropolitan, Dr. Evelyn Ogletree was honored as 1 of the top 50 mentors in the city of Houston. Honorees enjoyed a VIP luncheon at the Hilton America’s Downtown. The luncheon included inspirational testimonies from members of Inspire Women, and live performance by Gospel Saxophonist, Angella Christie. Each attendee received a book by Anita Carman (CEO of Inspire Women) entitled, “The Best Of My Mentor and Me”. Inspire Women blessed all of the top mentors with a beautiful gift bag that included jewelry, and a hand written card from Anita Carman.LadyO50Mentors

Lady O was chosen as a top mentor in the city of Houston because of her efforts to develop individuals from various walks of live. “If it wasn’t for Lady O I would not have perused a degree in Communications at Prairie View A&M University. She seen something in me when I was her student at the age of six, and she never stopped believing in me”, says former student, Perry West. It is evident that Lady has touched many people with her will to be selfless, and her strengths to take on any task that others may be facing.

First Lady of First Metropolitan, Lady O was beyond excited and thrilled to be recognized for an outstanding accomplishment. To be able to mentor is a beautiful gift, and to watch those that you have mentored express their love and appreciation is beyond amazing. Lady O would like to thank First Metropolitan Church & staff, her family, friends, former & current students, Inspire Women’s Staff, and everyone that helped celebrate this experience with her.