Senior Adults Worship at Woodwinds

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The Senior Adult ministry at First Met continues its effort to take the Gospel of Christ to the Woodwind Lakes Rehabilitation Center off Windfern and Gulf Bank.

On November 4th, the Senior Adult ministry greeted the residents of the Nursing Home with song, sermon and prayer.  In the community room, the residents joined the Seniors to sing “Jesus Lifted Me” and “Alleluia-Lord I Love You”.

Scripture and Prayer was given, and then “You Can’t Make Me Doubt Him” and “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” were sang.  The songs chosen by Deacon O’berry were selected to encourage the residents, all of who are being challenged daily to press through the rehabilitation process.  While each persons circumstances vary, the faith that all residents need to have a successful rehabilitation experience is the same.

The message from Rev. Skip Harvey, encouraged each resident to maintain hope in the Lord.  Finding strength in His Word and comfort via His Spirit to make it through the next series of exercises and test.

The group closed with “I Am On the Battlefield For My Lord” & “God Bless America” to honor Christian soldiers and U.S. soldiers.  Closing prayer was given.

Mission of Yahweh Worship

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First Met,

The 1st Sunday Worship Service at Mission of Yahweh is progressing well.  The effort is being led by Elder Louis Robinson & Deaconess Gloria Robinson.  Thus far, Minister Dwayne McGary, Deaconess Gloria and Elder Robinson have conducted the service on Sunday night.

The worship services are held in the Chapel by the Community Garden.  We have an average of 24 adults and 5 children that attend the service. There is good participation from the group, as 2 women sang songs and several gave testimonies on how God is Blessing their lives and families.  missionofyahweh

Minister McGary “Spoken Word” came from Psalms 1: 1-6, titled “Staying Focus”.   The women appear to be inspired, appreciative and excited about First Meth’s being involved and providing spiritual worship service at the Mission.yahwehproperty

Deaconess Gloria and Elder Robinson have been invited to attend “The Mission of Yahweh’s First Annual Volunteer Celebration” on September 24, 2015 and plan to attend.

Haiti Mission Trip 2015 Journal Entry 7

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From the Desk of Missionary Lynette Francios

Haiti Mission Trip 2015


4am Church Service – The first memory I have of attending a house church is in Haiti!! Wow, this house church has been holding church service at 4am for 5 days a week, for the past 28 years. The experience was both exhilarating and eye opening at the same time.

It’s dark in Haiti at 4am, really dark. There are no street lights in Haiti and the unfortunately there was no full moon to light the way. So we are walking down the street, about ½ mile, in the pitch dark with flash lights or lights from our cell phones at 4am in the morning. Add to that, there is a female community leader, shouting on a bullhorn, “Soldiers of the Lord, wake up”. 35As we are walking, people are joining our group as we head to the church. Once we get there, some were seated on wooden benches outside in the dirt filled front yard, and the rest were seated amongst okra stalks growing in the garden. The overflow crowd, stood outside the doorway of the gated wall.
I was seated next to the doorway. I kept looking at the doorway, pondering an escape plan should anything go down in the dark of the night, in a country called Haiti. I kept looking at Pastor O, he was nodding and at peace, mom was okay, and my son was close by, so I settled myself and enjoyed the experience. The message was taught in Creole and translated into English.36