Salute to Single Mothers

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The Holidays can be a joyous time for many, but a difficult time for some who are not able to provide for their children due to financial hardship(s). According to the Huffington Post 63% of households in America are of single mothers who are raising their children alone. Many mothers are working more than one job and are the primary breadwinner of their household. It is important to First Metropolitan Church to make sure that each mother feels special during this time. We want to celebrate the hard working mothers of our community.
On December 8, 2013, we are anticipating over 100 single mothers from the community, as well as church members that we would like to honor for their efforts in supporting and raising a family. The event will consist of music, food, gifts, testimonies, and a message delivered by Pastor Ogletree of First Metropolitan Church.  First Metropolitan Church is a place of worship, but we are also a place where EVERYONE matters. Family is essential to us, and being able to provide a special gift to those who are classified as the backbone of their families is extremely important to us.
Most mothers are focused on making sure their children have everything that they need and want for the holidays, but often times they are forgotten. We want to assure that this Holiday season our single mothers are remembered. Please join us in making the single mothers of our community feel loved, appreciated, and special.”
For more information, follow us on Twitter at FirstMetChurch or Instagram at 1stMetChurch.  Our Facebook page and church webpage are also great sources of information.  See you on the 8th, as we Salute Single Mothers