Being a Light at The Beacon

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IMG_2963 Saturday, the Next Level Young Adult Ministry of First Met set its eyes on showing the love of Christ at The Beacon.

The mission of The Beacon is “to provide services that restores dignity, self respect and hope to Houston’s poor and homeless.”  The ministry was established by Christ Church Cathedral in 2007.  The Beacon averaged servicing to 600 to 800 people a day.

While there,  the young adults served in a variety of capacities.  Manning different station;s which brought together the meal that would feed those that made their way to the Beacon.

“Our members served the community by preparing food,  laundering clothes, and monitoring facility usage” said Chriswell Jones. Though the work was a sacrifice, they served with a smile, bringing a loving attitude and hard working diligence.  IMG_2968

Brooke said, “Being able to serve the community of those less fortunate was a blessing to me. I enjoy seeing the smile on their faces IMG_2965as we serve them. Beacon community center is doing great things to bless the Houston community.”

“The event was rewarding for all”  Chriswell reported.

Surviving the Holidays

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Wednesday at 7:30 PM, the Griefshare Ministry will present Surviving the Holidays.  Surviving the Holidays.Surviving the Holidays

“GriefShare Surviving the Holidays is a warm, encouraging, and helpful event. Featuring video instruction and group discussion, it helps you deal with the intense pain of grief during the holiday season.

Local churches around the world sponsor these seminars. A typical one lasts approximately two hours. Here’s what you’ll do during a Surviving the Holidays event:

  • Watch a 40-minute video, filled with practical tips on how to survive the holidays
  • Hear from others in your group who are dealing with grief this holiday season
  • Have the opportunity to share how grief is affecting you (if you’d like)
  • Receive a personal Holiday Survival Guide” (

To find our more about GriefShare’s Surviving the Holiday, email Sister Harvey at

Avoiding the Darkness of the Holidays

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December 4th, the Griefshare ministry at First Met will host a Griefshare ministry for the body of Christ.  The meeting that normally meets on Monday, will meet Wednesday at 7:00 pm to allow the congregation to experience the power of these meetings.  Griefshare is a powerful ministry tool that allows the community to be in relationship with one another, sharing in the pain, and working through the grief.  The group is private, but the affects of the private meetings result in public rejoicing. SurviveHolidays

You might be thinking, why the special meeting?  I’m glad you asked.  There is a sad tradition for many during the holidays.  While some are joyous, celebrating, roaming from party to party and enjoying the company of others, some throw their a private part at home.  Dr. Elaine Aron said in the article, Attending to the Undervalued Self,  “There is nothing bleaker, or more dangerous to survival, than being alone in the cold, physically or emotionally hungry, left out, while others are gathered around the fire, sharing food and gifts and above all, love.”  Many find themselves removing themselves from the company of others, to marinate in their hurt and pain, driving themselves into dark corners; many crashing into depression.

“Those suffering from any type of holiday depression or stress can benefit from increased social support during this time of year. Counseling or support groups can also be beneficial” says Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD.   Because of this, ministries like Griefshare are able to serve as a powerful group to battle the individual nature and dangers of grief.

The last session of Griefshare will be December 9, in the Upstairs Fellowship Hall of First Met.  The special Griefshare event is one that should not be missed.  The video, message and dialogue are ones that will be beneficial to all.  To find out more about the meeting on December 4th, email Sister Brenda Harvey.  Come and let the support of the body aid you in avoiding the darkness of the holidays.

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