Haiti Mission Team Update (7.9.15)

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The 2015 Haiti Mission Team was blessed to arrive safely in Haiti the evening of July 7th.  Families were greeted with a message from local host Mark Gullery and Sandy Gleason, stating “Your loved ones have arrived safely in Haiti, and at Grand Goave.  They are enjoying supper, and then will have a time of devotion.  After devotion they will be getting settled into their dorms.”  Pastor O said of his initial experience in Haiti with Lifeline Ministries, “Awesome mission program here!”

The food being served is some of America’s finest cuisine.  Lunch on day 2 was a mouth watering hot dog with succulent macaroni and cheese, was accompanied with lays chips, and most importantly, fruit punch to quench the thirst. 11709354_10204047410015830_5185411175524569068_n

Both Brother Gullery and Sister Gleason agreed “They are all very tired and are looking forward to a good night’s sleep before we tackle 11701227_10204047412095882_8858373807323987417_nour tasks tomorrow.”   Missionary Francois reports, “Our bedroom in the private cottage at Lifeline Christian Ministries campus in Grande Guave, Haiti.”  The sleeping quarters featured a comfy bunk bed with a window air conditioning unit.  The floor plan is very spacious, featuring widows and privacy through curtains.

The group closed out the night in worship.  The service was filled with the Spirit, which provided energy to the worshipers.  All sang and danced, giving God the highest praise they could deliver to the King.  Each believer provided a warm welcome, as people of all colors served and worshiped the same Lord!11701236_10204049147259260_5332020018676427441_n

Keep the Haiti Mission Team in your prayers.  Tomorrow, they begin building the homes the homes that First Met and Bethany Baptist raised money to build.  Four families will have a place to stay upon our departure.  Praise the Lord!

Bringing a Smile for the Holidays

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Saturday, December 6th, the Vineyard Bookstore of First Met, sought to bless families in the Northwest Community, by partnering with the Langham Creek Cosmetology Department to offer FREE hairstyles to those being served through the You Belong Food Pantry.Hairystyle in Progress

Wearing their shirts with their slogan, “it is our duty to create your beauty”, over a dozen young ladies from Langham Creek H.S. used their skills on a men and women of all ages. They ladies served each person, offering them their very best, taking the time to listen, and deliver to them the beautiful hairstyle they desired. Under the leadership and guidance of Sister Lynette Smith and Mrs. Dillgard, the ladies tackled each person, restoring smiles and bringing beauty and confidence to all they encountered.

There, the prayer ministry covered all who attended in prayer, assuring that everyone not only had their physical needs met, but their Spiritual needs met.Langham Creek Cosmetologist


March Serving Opportunity

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Looking for an amazing way to give your time back to the community?

Come on out and volunteer at The Beacon with The Next Level Ministry.


WHO: You

WHAT: Community Service

WHERE: John  S. Dunn Center

1212 Prairie Street

Houston, TX 77002

WHEN: March 29, 2014

8:30 am -11:00 am

WHY: To give back to the community through volunteer work

If interested, please respond to this mail as the maximum participants allotted is 15

We look forward to serving with you!

Next Level Ministry