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Haiti 2015 Campaign

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First Met! It’s time to give God praise for the 2015 Peanut Butter for Haiti Campaign! Missionary Francois write, “Hallelujah! The grand total for the PB4 Haiti campaign is $3,000.02.”  haiti7

Your compassion and sacrifice has lead to a collective effort that will display the love of Christ through First Met that will provide approximately 750 jars of Peanut Butter to needy families in Haiti.

Missionary Francois has initiated the order through Smuckers, with the shipping and arrival to be released once financial and clerical details are concluded.

We praise God for each of you! At First Met, we are blessed to be a blessing!  Thank you for your sacrifice!

Let us continue in our effort to bless the people of Haiti by pressing forward with the Haiti Home Project. Last year, we were able to build 4 30homes. This year, lets provide shelter for more families!

For $20, you can sponsor a cement building block.   Missionary Francois recalls, “It takes 660 blocks to complete a home.

Click the link to donate. All donations are tax deductible.
The goal is 10 homes to change the lives of 10 families.

Please forward to your network, after you donate. Thanks so much!!


First Met Church

Supporting Families in Need; Haiti 2015

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The Teen Ministry of First Met has taken the challenge to support hungry families in Haiti through the Peanut Butter for Haiti campaign.  Led by Missionaries Lynette & son Nehemiah Francois, the Teen Ministry will collect donations of $4 to purchase jars of peanut butter that will be distributed feed the hungry and show the love of Christ.Peanut Butter For Haiti

The ministry was started by the Lifeline Christian Mission’s 12 years ago, yielding this 12  effort to provide jars of Peanut Butter one of significance.  Haitian families have grown to expect and have benefited from the love of Believers in the United States.   Over the years, the ministry has “collected and donated over 350,000 jars of peanut butter and countless other items needed in Lifeline’s nutrition clinic in Haiti.” (Lifeline)

Peanut Butter was chosen to back the nutritional efforts of the mission team.  Peanut Butter is 1. High in Protein 2. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals (particularly vitamins B & E) & 3. High in Calories.

Join First Met as it unites with the Lifeline to feed needy families in Haiti.  The Peanut Butter for Haiti campaign will receive donations until October 12th.