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Senior Adults Worship at Woodwinds

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The Senior Adult ministry at First Met continues its effort to take the Gospel of Christ to the Woodwind Lakes Rehabilitation Center off Windfern and Gulf Bank.

On November 4th, the Senior Adult ministry greeted the residents of the Nursing Home with song, sermon and prayer.  In the community room, the residents joined the Seniors to sing “Jesus Lifted Me” and “Alleluia-Lord I Love You”.

Scripture and Prayer was given, and then “You Can’t Make Me Doubt Him” and “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” were sang.  The songs chosen by Deacon O’berry were selected to encourage the residents, all of who are being challenged daily to press through the rehabilitation process.  While each persons circumstances vary, the faith that all residents need to have a successful rehabilitation experience is the same.

The message from Rev. Skip Harvey, encouraged each resident to maintain hope in the Lord.  Finding strength in His Word and comfort via His Spirit to make it through the next series of exercises and test.

The group closed with “I Am On the Battlefield For My Lord” & “God Bless America” to honor Christian soldiers and U.S. soldiers.  Closing prayer was given.

Mature Adults; Bearing Gifts

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This past weekend, The Mature Adults came together to make 144 gift bags for the residents at the Woodwinds Lakes Nursing Home.  The Mature Adults worked to collect donations from both members, friends and local establishments, putting together bags for men and for women, that contain a variety of toiletries, and snacks.  The bags were prepared to bring a smile and to show the love of Christ to the residents, bringing a little holiday cheer to their life span.

Seniors Posing with some of the Gift Bags
Seniors Posing with some of the Gift Bags

Woodwinds Lakes is a place that focuses “on people… residents…lives….health….and families.”  They are “one of the largest providers of short-term and long-term health care services in the United States.” They are noted as a facility and staff that “are committed to providing compassionate, family-oriented short-term and long-term care.”

Our seniors desired to augment what the staff and facility form, as well as add to the powerful worship service that is done each first Wednesday of the month.  This month, the seniors will have a special Christmas service on December 20th.

Seniors Posing with some of the Items in the Gift Bags
Seniors Posing with some of the Items in the Gift Bags

The seniors want to thank everyone that contributed to this worthwhile cause.