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Mission of Yahweh; Volunteer Celebration

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September 25, Elder Louis & Gloria Robinson attended the First Annual 2015 Volunteer Celebration & Dorcas Awards.  It was ” a huge success” said Tonya Frye.  She continued, “We welcomed more than 100 people last night to acknowledge those who work hard among us…our dedicated volunteers!”  missionofyahwehthanks
The events purpose was to show thanks and appreciation to the organizations that have volunteered their support to the Mission of Yahweh.  Among fundraisers, the Mission raised “more than $8,900 which will go towards our general operating support of our residents.”

The entire Mission of Yahweh team showed its gratitude for the community support, as well as the residents who benefit from the love show, teaching given, counsel provided and resources shared.  The Mission of Yahweh continues to meet the needs of women starting anew, facing the challenges of life filled with faith and determination.

First Met is grateful for the efforts and dedication of Elders Louis & Gloria Robinson whom serve as leaders and coordinators for the First Sunday Worship Service held at The Mission.

Mission of Yahweh Worship

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First Met,

The 1st Sunday Worship Service at Mission of Yahweh is progressing well.  The effort is being led by Elder Louis Robinson & Deaconess Gloria Robinson.  Thus far, Minister Dwayne McGary, Deaconess Gloria and Elder Robinson have conducted the service on Sunday night.

The worship services are held in the Chapel by the Community Garden.  We have an average of 24 adults and 5 children that attend the service. There is good participation from the group, as 2 women sang songs and several gave testimonies on how God is Blessing their lives and families.  missionofyahweh

Minister McGary “Spoken Word” came from Psalms 1: 1-6, titled “Staying Focus”.   The women appear to be inspired, appreciative and excited about First Meth’s being involved and providing spiritual worship service at the Mission.yahwehproperty

Deaconess Gloria and Elder Robinson have been invited to attend “The Mission of Yahweh’s First Annual Volunteer Celebration” on September 24, 2015 and plan to attend.