XO Marriage Conference

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XO Marriage Conference 2015

February 13th & 14th, the XO Global Marriage Simulcast will be hosted by our very own Pastor & Lady O at First Met; The Place Where You Belong!.

The Conference is a presentation of Marriage Today and Gateway Church, and will feature marriage expert Jimmy Evans. The conference will feature a host of speakers; including Jimmy & Karen Evans, Steven Curtis & Mary Beth Chapman, Josh & Katie Hamilton, Sean & Catherine Lowe, “surprise musical guests, and celebrity Q & A panel.” (

The simulcast will be hosted at over 500 sites across the globe, and attended live by those in or around Southlake Texas.

You can register for the conference below.



Couples Survey: Swing Dance

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At our post Valentine’s Day dinner and dance at Maggiano’s, we were entertained by North Side Swing Productions.  Our own Deacon Kevin and Deaconess Kim Fields have been trained in this exciting dance genre.  It teaches skills for couples on the dance floor and builds unity and closeness for them. Swing Dance

We have an opportunity to bring this to First Met.  The cost per couple is $10 per week.  There is no contract and sessions last 8-10 weeks.  None of the music that will be played or moves taught will be vulgar or offensive to our faith.