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The Boot; Hidden Treasures Revealed

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Lousianna Cullinary Insitutute
Louisiana Culinary Institute

Though Louisiana has been long associated with Mardi Gras and the recent lessons learned from Katrina; during the 2014 College Spring Break, many lessons were learned about the treasures of located in the state.   Though some believe its greatest treasures in casinos on both land and riverboats, 24 students discovered hidden gems in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Tuesday, the students began their journey with a tour of Louisiana Culinary Institute in Baton Rouge.  Students were introduced to the culinary world and the development of the next culinary geniuses through interaction with factually and administration.  Students are taught how to work all 3 phases of the restaurant via the instruction of an instructor and hands on experience in an on campus dining hall.  The school was filled with modern technology, and uses a combination of training, creativity and competition to bring about the best in all that enter it’s walls with dreams of wearing a Toque.

Southern University Museum of Arts

The day continued with a trip to Louisiana State University (L.S.U.).  The grand campus of L.S.U. featured a tour arranged by faculty member Dr. Robinson.  Starting at the tour, students were given the history of LSU as well as insight on campus and student life via the experiences of an excellent guide.  The tour was topped by the input of Angelia, L.S.U. student and relative of tour participant Jayla, which gave insight on campus life, studies and the athletic atmosphere of the Tigers.  She  The rich tradition of L.S.U. was evident in every story and present in every step.  The facility was innovated with safe features as well, beautiful buildings, majestic landscape and an atmosphere for academia.

Jayla & Angelia Daniels
Jayla & Angelia Daniels

Later the students encountered the lively Southern University (S.U.).  Students on campus were eager to speak forth truths and share their school pride.  Students were able to see the football team, track team and the tennis team at practice for their respective seasons.  The highlights of the tour were the campus museum Southern University Museum of Arts (S.U.M.A.), Sorority and Fraternity plots, as well as 2 interviewed Law School Students.   The Museum featured African artworks and artifacts, that connected the past with the present, creating a sense of hope, purpose and family.

The night concluded with dining at the locally acclaimed Copeland’s of Baton Rouge (sister restaurant Copeland’s of Atlanta from the 2013 College Tour).  Copeland features fine cuisine, and an array of signature Cheesecakes.  All in attendance enjoyed the relaxed but somewhat upscale environment.