Recovering to Serve; Haiti 2014

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Driving up the Peninsula to Fort de Oliver

The weekend brought and opportunity to rest and recover for the Haiti Mission Team of First Met.  Missionary Shepherd described Sunday as “relaxing”.   The team drove to the peninsula to Fort de Oliver, where they were able to “enjoy the beautiful beaches of Haiti.” “Unbelievable” she described.  A highlight of the journey was meeting a 95 year old Haitian man who was filled with life and vigor. 

Haiti Medical Team
Haiti Medical Team attending to Missionary Shepherd

The team used the weekend also used the time to receive treatment.  Missionary Shepherd, whom obtained a twisted ankle in the mountains during the journey to an assignment.  The local medical team attended to the injured ankle, offering much attention and treatment to  insure proper care for her temple.  Minister Shepherd said when referring to her injury, “…we came on a mission trip yet they are ministering to us


Haiti Lunch
Mission Team enjoying Local Cuisine

Missionary Francois recounts recovering over the weekend traveling through the mountains to the Caribbean Ocean.  The team was blessed to see some of the historical and beautiful sights of Haiti.  Missionary Francois recalls the sights as “Magnificent!”  There they enjoyed the company of other missionaries and dined on local cuisine.  Missionary Shepherd reports that they “enjoyed a good meal and great scenery.”





Haiti Day 1; Anointed to Serve

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Missionary Lynette Francios in Haiti
Behind me is the Haitian flag

The Mission Team of First Met; The Place Where You Belong, took the mission of our Lord from the states to the world by boarding a flight destined for Haiti.  Leaving July 3rd the crew flew through Florida and landed into Port Au Prince.   Upon landing, the Mission Team, led by Missionary Lynette Francois, were empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve the people of Haiti.  Pastor Johnny asked Missionary Francios about being in Haiti, “Is there an emotional pull of compassion or just energy to serve and make a difference?”  Sister Francois replied, “Some of both.  Mostly, the missionaries are just eager to serve!”


Orphanage Kitchen
The cooking area at the orphanage. They use charcoal to cook with. Kind of like bbq cookout, for every meal

The first assignment for the Mission Team was to serve residents at a local orphanages; one named Bienvenue aux eta Blissements deL’Institution Mixte Decilia Francois.  Their immediate task was to unload, load and deliver food to the residents and then serve the residents of two local orphanages.  Food is shipped abroad and then stored in a local storage, and then delivered as there is need by truck to a variety of site.  Missionary Nehemiah lead the charge unlading food packages along side of Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) staff, We Care Haiti staff and local workers.


Haiti Food Truck
Missionary Nehemiah loading food

The ongoing project of the BGCT and We Care Haiti is to serve the Orphans foods that are high in nutrition.  Insuring that youth have healthy foods is key to development and insures that they are physically healthy and able to withstand disease and or sickness, extending their lives, and most of all, shows the love and care that our Lord and Savior has for his children.  



Haiti Congregation
Missionary Juliette Shepherd in front of local congregation

Pray – Give – Go; Haiti 2014

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 Haiti 2014 Mission Trip

The 2014 theme of First Met, The Place Where You Belong; Advance the Kingdom, will be fulfilled in a Summer Mission Trip to the Republic of Haiti.  Haiti, still suffering from the earthquake of 2010, currently receives assistance through the Baptist General Convention of Texas and We Care Haiti support “Over 60 organizations, most of them orphanages, receive clean water, superior nutrition, and regular healthcare…several construction projects are underway… building homes for the women and children left unsheltered. ” (Marla Bearden).

First Met, lead by Member and Missionary, Lynette Francois, is prepared to place its feet on the ground, and its hands in the dirt, to help rebuild Haiti.  The Missionary journey is scheduled from July 3rd to July the 10th, and will include an effort to Advance the Kingdom by ministering to malnourished and homeless citizens of the world by aiding in the building of homes, securing water sources and aqueducts as well as feeding the physical and spiritual body.  Those interested can attend the face to face meeting after the 10:45 worship service on Sunday, March 23rd, or via Webcam on Go to Meeting (Meeting Information found below).

The Baptist General Convention of Texas member, James Cundiff, volunteer and member of with Texas Baptist Men was one of the first responders to Haiti after the earthquake.  The desire to help, and a pricked heart, moved him to found, “We Care Haiti” to help in the effort to feed the many men and women that God would prepare and send to the site to share the light and love of Christ by rebuilding that which was torn down by the mighty quake.

GoToMeeting; March 23, 1 pm to 3 pm
Hatti Mission Trip 2014 Meeting

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