Haiti Mission Trip 2015 Journal Entry 2

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From the Desk of Missionary Lynette Francios

Haiti Mission Trip 2015

13T12he first full day in Haiti was all about getting acclimated to the Lifeline compound, and meeting the other 3 teams that we would be serving with over the next 10 days. What stood out was how well developed and Americanized the facilities were. The grounds were well kept and the lawn nice and green. A church, a school, a fully equipped medical facility with rooms to see patients, a room for surgery and a room with three dental chairs and a pharmacy. Just like the ones in America. An amazing Children’s home that houses 75 orphans. These children receive the best in care. They are taken to church, educated, fed, clothed, given medical care and participate in many of the 8 ministries that Lifeline offers. First class warehouses that store supplies and a maintenance area that includes welding and painting. This compound employees many local Haitians in the operating of its 14facilities. 15

The First Met/Bethany team was a first class, spirit filled team assembled by the Lord. In every facet of the mission experience where our team members were the leaders of, or participated in, ministry opportunities, it was executed in an outstanding way and brought glory to God. Whether it be leading daily devotions, praying with mothers and loving on babies during the Infant Nutrition Program, praying for babies and mothers in the streets of Grand Goave during the distribution of the baby layettes, quilts and stuffed animals, while putting fluoride on the teeth of the 75 orphans from the Children’s Home, or telling bible stories and leading crafts during the mini-VBS. Our team was commended by the Lifeline staff, and other church team members for the exceptional way we delivered, participated and worked to ensure each ministry opportunity was done to the glory of the Lord.

Haiti Mission Trip 2015 Journal Entry 1

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From the Desk of Missionary Lynette Francios

Haiti Mission Trip 2015

Let me just say, the Lords’ presence is in Haiti. It was evident in every facet of the trip; the interactions between team members and leaders, and all contact points with the people in the community.1
We were picked up from the airport in Port Au Prince, Haiti by Lifeline Ministries personnel on a big yellow school bus, just like the ones we are familiar with in the US, and were soon joined by 3 other teams from Florida, Indiana and Ohio.

2We started the 2 ½ hr journey to Grand Goave, Haiti. We were all excited, anxious, and enamored with the cultural differences we saw out of the bus window. Not to mention, having to quickly get acclimated to the heat. Everyone immediately understood why the last mission meeting prior to travel highlighted the need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

45  6

Once we arrived at the Lifeline Ministries compound in Grand Goave, Haiti, where we’d reside for the next 10 days, the Texas women were immediately upgraded. Woohoo! We found out we would not be living in the dormitories, but that we had been upgraded to our own little cottage, fully equipped with kitchen, dining room, living area, 3 bedrooms and a private bath. Refrigerator, stove, and microwave. Thank you Lord for the blessing!! This was the perfect space for our team to further bond and collaborate, and spend private time with the Lord. Pastor O was upgraded to a private bedroom designed for married couples that he would have shared with Lady O, had she been able to travel with the team this year. The remaining two men in our group were introduced to the men’s dormitory where they’d meet and quickly make friends with the other 10 men that would be sharing that space.

11701227_10204047412095882_8858373807323987417_n 8 9 10

This year, much of the food provided to us was majority American style food. It was tasty, and the presentation was excellent. The kitchen staff were local Haitian women, who were supported by young teens from the Children’s home on the Lifeline compound. On one of the days, near the end of our stay, we did have Haitian style food for lunch and dinner. Even those that had not gone back for seconds the entire time went back for seconds on that day. The Haitian style food is very yummy!!

11709354_10204047410015830_5185411175524569068_n 33

Haiti 2015 Ministry Team…..

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The 2015 Haiti Team has been hard at work.  The members of First Metropolitan and Bethany have spent the past two days building 2 of the 4 houses scheduled for construction.  Featured in the posted pictures are the members of the team not only speaking forth the love of Christ, but doing the work of Christ, showing His love to their by building a home to meet their needs.

Missionary Vaughn and Francois sifting cement
Missionary Vaughn and Francois sifting cement

One of the quiet story lines is the Francois and Vaughn family.  They represent 3 generations of missionaries, all serving God on the Haiti 2015 trip.  Seen in the photo, is Grandson Nehemiah Francois serving with grandmother Missionary Bertha Vaughn (Not pictured is Mission Ministry Lead/mother Lynette Francois).  Missionary Vaughn, a member of Bethany Baptist, is a seasoned missionary, spending 2 plus years living in Africa.

Missionary Vaughn & Francois in front of 1 of 4 homes being built
Missionary Vaughn & Francois in front of 1 of 4 homes being built
Missionary Bundy in Vacation Bible School

A former educator and administrator from Prairie View A & M and Texas Southern University, she left the halls of academia, and made her home an indigenous hut that placed her close to the harvest field.  Her labor of love and dedication has impacted the following generations.  Her daughter now leading the Missions Ministry at First Met, and her grandson a missionary as a youth.

The mission team took a moment from building homes to build the people of Haiti.  On schedule, Vacation Bible School!  Planned were fun lessons and projects that would help the children get a better understanding of who God is, and how much God loves them.  Featured in the pictures is one to the many entertaining projects that provided both the message of Love but a functional piece; The Sun Visor of Love.

Pastor O working Vacation Bible School in Haiti

The students were all excited to make the visors and were entertained by the vibrant colors and the exuberant Spirit of the missionaries, who were eager to bring some joy to the life of those they touched for Christ.  Missionary Kelly Bundy enjoyed sharing the gift of Christ and creativity with the kids.  On each hat was featured the words “Jezi (heart symbol) Ayiti” whtich means Jesus Loves Haiti.

Haiti Mission Team Update (7.9.15)

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The 2015 Haiti Mission Team was blessed to arrive safely in Haiti the evening of July 7th.  Families were greeted with a message from local host Mark Gullery and Sandy Gleason, stating “Your loved ones have arrived safely in Haiti, and at Grand Goave.  They are enjoying supper, and then will have a time of devotion.  After devotion they will be getting settled into their dorms.”  Pastor O said of his initial experience in Haiti with Lifeline Ministries, “Awesome mission program here!”

The food being served is some of America’s finest cuisine.  Lunch on day 2 was a mouth watering hot dog with succulent macaroni and cheese, was accompanied with lays chips, and most importantly, fruit punch to quench the thirst. 11709354_10204047410015830_5185411175524569068_n

Both Brother Gullery and Sister Gleason agreed “They are all very tired and are looking forward to a good night’s sleep before we tackle 11701227_10204047412095882_8858373807323987417_nour tasks tomorrow.”   Missionary Francois reports, “Our bedroom in the private cottage at Lifeline Christian Ministries campus in Grande Guave, Haiti.”  The sleeping quarters featured a comfy bunk bed with a window air conditioning unit.  The floor plan is very spacious, featuring widows and privacy through curtains.

The group closed out the night in worship.  The service was filled with the Spirit, which provided energy to the worshipers.  All sang and danced, giving God the highest praise they could deliver to the King.  Each believer provided a warm welcome, as people of all colors served and worshiped the same Lord!11701236_10204049147259260_5332020018676427441_n

Keep the Haiti Mission Team in your prayers.  Tomorrow, they begin building the homes the homes that First Met and Bethany Baptist raised money to build.  Four families will have a place to stay upon our departure.  Praise the Lord!

Bethy Excells in Miss Caribbean Houston Pageant 2015

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Photo of Bethy Pierre Decorated from Genevieve Brent

Sunday, June 28th, First Met Member Sister Bethy Pierre placed as 2nd Runner-Up in the Miss Caribbean Houston Pagent.  The pageant feature many talented women from Houston Texas, with Caribbean roots.

Bethy Pierre 3
Photo of Bethy Pierre from Genevieve Brent

Bethy,a native of The Republic of Haiti, was well decorated this night, also winning Miss Photogenic and Miss Amity.   Member, Sister Genevive Brent (who’s photographs are featured) said of Sister Pierre, “You WOWED ALL of us last night with your amazing talents, beauty, grace, confidence, and sophistication.”  She continued, “You looked AMAZING in everything that you did!! You exhibited EXCELLENCE….”

Bethy has the honor of being the first of her family to graduate from High School.  She continued her education at the University of Florida, where she obtained an undergraduate degree in Public Relations, and a graduate degree in Entrepreneurship.

bethy pierre 1
Photo of Bethy Pierre from Genevieve Brent

At First Met, Sister Pierre has been a amazing addition to the young adult ministry, serving with the praise team, leadership of young adults, Hebrew’s Cafe’ and Mentoring the Teens.  We are proud to call her a sister in Christ, and excited about her representation of not only her country, but the Kingdom of God!  Way to go Bethy!

Fun Times with Teams

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Our Mission Team was blessed to serve along side Missionary Susan Rice and the Go Now Team. Here is a blog reporting on the Haiti 2014 Mission.

Joyfulrices In Haiti

When I last was able to blog the team from First Metropolitan in Houston had arrived.  What a great time we had with them.  It was a small group, but they did some great work!  They helped with loading food.  We visited a couple orphanages and then headed out to the country.  They were a great help with painting, the kids loved them and probably one of my favorite things was when Nehemiah pulled out a bunch of drum sticks and set up a drum section on the porch with all the kids.  We had buckets and pans as well as a few water bottles with sand in them.  He was so good at getting them all drumming together, they sounded like a real drum line!

It started with a couple buckets and drum sticks It started with a couple buckets and drum sticks


They kept coming to play and hear the drum line. They kept coming to play and hear the drum line.

Annuel and LouLou loved the drums. Annuel and LouLou loved the…

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Haiti the Beautiful; Haiti 2014

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The Missionaries from First Met spent their final days in Haiti working on a Beautification Project at an orphanage in Fon De Negres, Haiti.

Fence 1
Missionary Francois painting fence

The American dream was once described as a husband wife, two kids, a dog surrounded by a white picket fence; ironically, this was the focus of our Missionaries final project.  Though considered part of the American Dream, our group spent their time creating for the orphans a fence that represented the love, purity and protection of our Lord and savior.   Taking their time, working through each spindle, the team slowly began creating an image of heaven hear on earth for those that the Lord cares and watches over.   While orphans watched, the love and presence of Christ was modeled for all present, offering the children security, and teaching the missionaries patience and sacrifice  and what it means to share love in a practical way through hard work.

Haiti Dining
Delicious Meal Served to Missionaries

A pleasant note to the Missionary Field was the delicious delicacies found in Haiti.  “The food was very delicious each day”, Missionary Francois recalls.  The meals were a combination of home cooked meals from the camp and local eateries.  Accompanied with great people, the meals created stronger bonds with the people serving, as the needs of the missionaries and the people were closer discovered through dialogue.

Haiti Church
Worship in Haiti

Sunday, the Missionaries were treated to worship with saints in Haiti.  The worship service was spirited and included a powerful message from Isaiah from with the congregation followed the minister from Bibles that were translated recorded in French.  The building though small, was beautifully lit with the natural light provided from our Lord.  This added to the worship experience in which our Missionaries praised God for the journey and for the provisions that made serving and worshiping possible.


Our Missionaries return to Houston from Haiti today, encouraged and empowered from the experience.  Missionary Francois said of the journey, “If you haven’t been, you must go. Not all of Haiti is like you see on American TV!!”