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Our 10 missionaries departed for Haiti Thursday, July 20.

Team Leader Lynette Francois wrote, “Today I’m headed on a mission trip to Haiti…this time to build 10 homes for needy families and help lead them to Christ”.  Missionary3Missionary Francois leads this 3rd effort in 4 years to change the lives of the people of Haiti with the love of Christ.  Following the footsteps of her mother, Missionary Bertha Vaughn, whom is making her final trip to Haiti, she served along side of her eldest son Nehemiah on the previous 2 efforts, and makes this 3rd trip with her youngest son Isaiah.

Like the last trip, families are being used.  On this trip, our very own Pastor & First Lady are serving, Minister & First Lady Sowel, and Ebony & Symone Barnes as mother and daughter.   God has used these efforts to build within our families the seeds of sacrifice and suffering that have lead to spiritual growth and Kingdom advancement.

Our team hit the ground running.  They rolled up their sleeves to maximize their time an to achieve their goal of blessing 10 families with a home from the money raised by our missionaries.  Each member relied upon the Lord to give them strength as they worked in extremely hot conditions, and without some of the modern technology we have grown accustomed to.


Sister Francois records that our missionaries were able to meet 9 of 10 of the families that the homes are being built for.  A reception hosted for them allowed each family to be prayed for, worshiped with and loved on.  Sister Francois says, “More photos to come of the families (and the kids) later in the week. Ages range from 4 days to 78 years old”.

Our team continued to pour into the residents assisting with the local Vacation Bible School (VBS) effort.

Mrs. Maudie and Lady O assisting children with the VBS craft.

The theme was drawn from the story of Jonah and the Whale.  Our group worked side by side with staff with the residents of Haiti to make fun crafts, shoot some hoops, ministering through praise dance, as well as teaching the lessons.


The residents were amazed at the creativity of the team and the curriculum.  Each was attentive and excited about the lesson they were learning about Christ as the made things they could take home to remind them of the love of Christ expressed through the VBS program.   

Sister Eboni Barnes and daughter Symone took the time to learn and teach different praise dance routines to the teenagers at the camp.  Sister Francois said this was “An experience they will remember for a lifetime. “missionary12

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Haiti 2015 Campaign

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First Met! It’s time to give God praise for the 2015 Peanut Butter for Haiti Campaign! Missionary Francois write, “Hallelujah! The grand total for the PB4 Haiti campaign is $3,000.02.”  haiti7

Your compassion and sacrifice has lead to a collective effort that will display the love of Christ through First Met that will provide approximately 750 jars of Peanut Butter to needy families in Haiti.

Missionary Francois has initiated the order through Smuckers, with the shipping and arrival to be released once financial and clerical details are concluded.

We praise God for each of you! At First Met, we are blessed to be a blessing!  Thank you for your sacrifice!

Let us continue in our effort to bless the people of Haiti by pressing forward with the Haiti Home Project. Last year, we were able to build 4 30homes. This year, lets provide shelter for more families!

For $20, you can sponsor a cement building block.   Missionary Francois recalls, “It takes 660 blocks to complete a home.

Click the link to donate. All donations are tax deductible.
The goal is 10 homes to change the lives of 10 families.


Please forward to your network, after you donate. Thanks so much!!


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Haiti Mission Trip 2015 Journal Entry 7

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From the Desk of Missionary Lynette Francios

Haiti Mission Trip 2015


4am Church Service – The first memory I have of attending a house church is in Haiti!! Wow, this house church has been holding church service at 4am for 5 days a week, for the past 28 years. The experience was both exhilarating and eye opening at the same time.

It’s dark in Haiti at 4am, really dark. There are no street lights in Haiti and the unfortunately there was no full moon to light the way. So we are walking down the street, about ½ mile, in the pitch dark with flash lights or lights from our cell phones at 4am in the morning. Add to that, there is a female community leader, shouting on a bullhorn, “Soldiers of the Lord, wake up”. 35As we are walking, people are joining our group as we head to the church. Once we get there, some were seated on wooden benches outside in the dirt filled front yard, and the rest were seated amongst okra stalks growing in the garden. The overflow crowd, stood outside the doorway of the gated wall.
I was seated next to the doorway. I kept looking at the doorway, pondering an escape plan should anything go down in the dark of the night, in a country called Haiti. I kept looking at Pastor O, he was nodding and at peace, mom was okay, and my son was close by, so I settled myself and enjoyed the experience. The message was taught in Creole and translated into English.36

Haiti Mission Trip 2015 Journal Entry 6

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From the Desk of Missionary Lynette Francios

Haiti Mission Trip 2015

Mini-VBS – Pastor O said, “Y’all make me look good”. He was so pleased with the delivery of this ministry. Ms. Maudie and Sis. LaKeesha were the leaders on this, and the impact was felt and visibly seen within the community for several days after the VBS was over. haiti3

This was a true team effort, with many of the 36 team members from other churches stepping in to help create an atmosphere that the 60 children from the Grand Goave community would not soon forget. A lively game of Simon says, shared in English and translated into Creole by the interpreter. An animated bible story involving a slingshot, followed by two very creative and organized crafts complete with a take-home souvenir hat that would carry forth the Christian banner into the community. “Jezi Loves Ayiti” (creole) or “Jesus Loves Haiti” (English).Top that off with a musical portion led by Nehemiah on percussion and the children on the guitars they just finished making. 32

We saw the hats everywhere throughout the duration of our trip; at the soccer game, on the evening walks in the community, and on mothers coming to Lifeline for various offerings. What a testimony!!

Haiti Mission Trip 2015 Journal Entry 5

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From the Desk of Missionary Lynette Francios

Haiti Mission Trip 2015

Dental Clinic –

27 28

There is a great need for dental care in this area. Our team was commended for performing dental services for the children, as this is an area of ministry that is not often carried out by mission teams. Our team represented the Lord in a first class manner, complete with lab coats, gloves and sterilization techniques.

Kuddos to Sis. Kim who was not able to join us during the trip, but made certain we had all training and supplies necessary to carry out the ministry. We were able to put fluoride treatment on the teeth of 75 children from the Children’s Home. We were assisted by members from the broader mission team to make this dental clinic run smooth and set the children’s mind at ease and they eagerly anticipated their turn.3029

Haiti Mission Trip 2015 Journal Entry 4

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From the Desk of Missionary Lynette Francios

Haiti Mission Trip 2015

22  Home building – and outstanding ministry. We really did work, and lots of it. Everybody works, the young and the old. Our team was again a rock star. Stacking bricks near the areas where the local tradesmen could get them quickly. Sifting sand with various size grates and creating piles and piles of sand and rocks. Oh and mortar, assembly line style, assis24ting in pouring the foundation on Day 1. Then again with mortar and brick stacking on Day 2. As with many job sites, things happen unexpectedly. Of the 3 home building teams, one team had a close encounter with a tarantula and another site from a crab inside the bricks. I must say, the home dedication ceremonies presenting the bibles and homes to the families made the entire 10 day trip worthwhile, knowing that you have helped change the course of a family’s life for generations to come. 25

Haiti Mission Trip 2015 Journal Entry 3

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From the Desk of Missionary Lynette Francios

Haiti Mission Trip 2015

1617Layette Ministry – Praying for babies under 2 years old in the community and inviting the mothers to worship service on Sunday mornings at Lifeline. Leaving them with a gift from God of clothes, toys, and a handmade quilt. Our team consisted of 11 people, each team member had a change to love on a baby and with the mothers.

This provides an ongoing presence in the community and takes place about 3 times a week. The volunteer missionaries are accompanied by the local community leaders who are already familiar with the families, on a walk in the areas surrounding the Lifeline Mission compound. 19 18
Infant Nutrition Ministry – As the mothers bring their babies to the medical facility on the Lifeline compound on a weekly basis to be weighed to make sure they are gaining weight. Each volunteer missionary has an opportunity to hold the babies, love on them, and pray with the mothers. The mothers are given infant formula and cereal as a supplement to breastfeeding.