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Lady O Presenting at Leadership Retreat
Lady O Presenting at Leadership Retreat

Saturday the 16th of November, Lady O spoke a powerful message to the Leaders of First Met under the theme of “Back to Basic” called “Church Membership.  Her message was both informative and challenging, calling leaders and future leaders to step up to the plate of leadership, consider how they are serving.

On Friday, Pastor O stated, “We must learn to affect people not infect people”, and Lady O continued “Leaders attitudes are caught!  You can be infectious.”  Her message, one important to the cultural change of the body.  The Bible encourages us not to deny ourselves the fellowship of the saints.  The fellowship of the saints is an important part of spiritual growth and maturity.  It helps believers stay focused on the path of righteousness, offering accountability as well as healing and wise counsel.  In the midst of all these key elements to our spiritual deposits is the potential for negative interaction.  It’s this potential that causes some to fall away, thus as leaders, we must help by keeping our interactions cleans and insuring the interaction between those in the body are nurturing and not negative.

In our quest for leaders, Lady O stressed an importance of cleaning up our interaction with others, when she spoke, “We must remember that leaders were once members.”  This point drew a great response.  As we look for other laborers, we must insure in our interaction with others that future workers are not chased off because of our negative attitudes, frustration and conversations.  “Chaos kills church growth”  Lady O continued.

If we are to be who we are called to be as a congregation, we must insure that our dialogue does not create negativity and chaos.  When this happens, we will see membership up, volunteer up, staff moral up and God pleased with our efforts.