Pastor O honored as Top Influential Leader

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Drs. John & Evelyn Ogletree, Jr. at Diamond Jubilee Celebration
 John & Evelyn Ogletree, Jr. at Diamond Jubilee Celebration

August 9th, Pastor O was honored as one of Cypress Fairbank ISD’s top 75 most influential people.  Dr. John Ogletree, Jr has been a community presence in CFISD even before his election to the Trustee Board in 2003.  His desire to be and create life long learners has fortified the board, ensuring that not only academic excellence is pursuid, but ghat civil injustices are haulted and the equality of all students and educators exist.

Dr. Ogletree has solidified himself as one who stands for all people, giving a voice to all who are and or have been kept silent.  It’s been said that those sitting at the table write the story, and thus Dr. Ogletree has taken his seat , serving as an editor of editors, correcting grammatical mistakes, and helping the readers and audience take ownership by making them feel one with the authors.

Dr. Ogletree posing with a Family representative from Carverdale who was honored
Dr. Ogletree posing with a Family representative from Carverdale who was honored

The acknowledgement wrote of Dr. Ogletree recorded, “Enthusiastic in his role, Ogletree attends many district events,-one may encounter him in an athletic apparel at the Super intended Fun Run or in formal business attire at a Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship professional development seminar…earning the designation of Master Trustee.”  The night was filled with music and the fellowship of of other honorees, family members and church  members united to celebrate the district and to give thanks to the top 75 that have served and sacrificed to ensure that CFISD remains a model district and one of the top districts in the state of Texas and the world.

Dr. Ogletree being honored at Diamond Jubilee Celebration
Dr. Ogletree being honored at Diamond Jubilee Celebration


We are blessed to have such a leader as Dr. Ogletree!  He has demonstrated the love of Christ in his service at the church and also in the community.  His understanding of the Gospel and his demonstration of the Word should inspire all to impact the community it at large, placing Christmas on the main stage as a part of every discussion. First Met congratulates our amazing leader, Dr. Joh D. Ogletree, Jr. As a Top 75 Influential Leader.



Let There Be Snow!

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snowmasterThe 2013 date for “It’s Snowing on the Beltway” is December 21st, from 2pm to 5pm.  This fun event, a vision of Lady O, Executive Pastor of First Met, is a joint venture from The You Belong Food Pantry, Adopt-a-Family and the Young Adult Ministry of First Met.

Bring your family out to thousands of pounds of snow, which will be delivered to the beltway and placed on our Infant Development Center playground.  Kids ranging from toddlers to 12 years of age can enjoy making snow men, snow angels and the fun of making snow balls.

An appearance from Santa himself has been solidified, so your youth can have a special photo opportunity as well as a chance to share Christmas wishes and desires.  SnowBelt4

In addition to Santa, families will be able to meet Senior Pastor of First Met, Dr. John Ogletree, Jr, a Trustee on the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District Board and Executive Pastor Dr. Evelyn Ogletree, a college professor at Lonestar College.

You can receive a notification about “It’s Snowing on The Beltway” and other events by following us on Twitter @FirstMetChurch or on Instagram at 1stMetChurch.  Our website and Facebook are also great sources of information.  See you December 21st from 2pm to 5pm.SnowBelt7