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Brian Courtney Wilson sets the Atmosphere

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Brian Courtney Wilson SingingNovember 27, the Thanksgiving Worship Service received an injection of praise from National Recording Artist Brian Courtney Wilson.  Brother Wilson, a true worshiper, bathed himself in worship in prayer and entered the service ready to share with those in attendance, his amazing life story as well as the music that God has birthed through him.

His opening song was an amazing worship song entitled “Already Here,” and continued in worship with “All I Need.”  Both songs set an amazing tone for the approaching Word from our Pastor.  He concluded with a song inspired by his father and his relationship with God entitled “Proud of You“.

His melodic voice, eased through verse after verse, warming the heart, and casting out anquish doubts and fears, preparing the believer for the seed of the Word brought by our own Pastor O.  His song selection was a progression of love, building and encouraging the audience, reminding them of the love and presence of Christ as the reason above all circumstances to be thankful.


After a powerful message from Pastor O, entitled “The Little Things”, brother Wilson spent moments with the First Met faithful, taking pictures and swapping stories about life in Houston as well as in Chicago.  As a native of Chi-town, he had an instant connection with many members who too were natives about his transition to becoming a Houstonian.  His story of faith and favor served as encouragement to all to follow the voice of God; knowing that His blessings and favor rest on and follow those who are obedient to His command.


Brian Courtney Wilson; Thanksgiving Worship at First Met

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Wednesday November 27th at 7:30 pm, First Metropolitan Church; The Place Where You Belong, will have its Thanksgiving Worship service graced with the presence and anointing of Brian Courtney Wilson.

Wilsons’ debut album, Just Love, was released in 2009, and featured “Already Here” & “Just Love”; two singles which catapulted Wilson into the national spotlight.  His album received a Dove Award nomination for Urban Recorded Song of the Year at the 41st GMC Dove Awards, while he himself was nominated for New Artist of the Year.

Psalmist Brian Courtney Wilson
Psalmist Brian Courtney Wilson

This Chicago native graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University of Illinois, before moving to Houston Texas, where he attended Windsor Village United Methodist Church, connected with St. John’s Downtown Pastor Rudy Rasmus, who was able to link him to Matthew Knowles, which signed him to Spirit Rising/Music World.

In 2013, Wilson united with 3 of Gospel Music’s most talented artist.  The group, United Tenors, was put together by Fred Hammond; and feature Dave Hollister, Eric Roberson and Brian Courtney Wilson.  The four of them have created a sound that is similar to the recording sound found in the early 80’s where, anointed balladeers created beautiful melodies and harmonies.

Brian completed his sophomore album entitled “So Proud”, debuted number one on Gospel Album chart with top radio singles, “So Proud” and “He Still Cares.”

Brian Courtney Wilson is sure to be a blessing.  To find out more about the Thanksgiving Worship service, you can visit or email