New Members Orientation 2013 in Review

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You Belong!

The New Members ministry congratulates the 2013 New Member Orientation Grads.

Photo 2
Danielle is all smiles after receiving her
Certificate of Completion.

The New Members Ministry’s purpose is twofold: We help members become acquainted with the history and overall function of the church. We encourage them to move beyond a “positional membership of belonging to their new church home to a participating membership”. Danielle Jones – April Grad

To achieve this, we will study and align ourselves with the First Metropolitan Church vision statement that states: We are a family of faith, leading people to become fully developing followers of Christ by Belonging, Connecting, Growing and Serving.

Some July Grads include Freddie Richard Jr., Mary Malveaux, Mekeba Gordon and Joyce Townsend receiving their
Certificates of Completion.

We then focus on the mission of First Met which is to be a Dynamic Congregation, that Declares God’s Word to our Community and beyond; that Draws people to Christ; that leads people to Develop a godly lifestyle; and seeks to Demonstrate God’s love through service. At the end of New Member class and Network, we present you with opportunities to grow, give and serve.

The New Member Process

New members orientation consists of 3 consecutive orientation classes that are held every first, second and third Sunday of each month. On the fourth Sunday, members are welcomed to the VIP You Belong Graduation Reception.

VIP Graduate Reception

The VIP reception is on the fourth Sunday of each month to recognize the completion and transitioning of the new member. Members get to connect with ministry, Network & Fulfillment Hour leaders. Certificates of Completion are also presented.

Need to Attend Orientation?

Chris Jones receiving his Certificates of Completion and prepare to join
their Fulfillment Hour Class.
August Graduate Justina Freeman is all smiles after completing New Member Orientation and prepares for ministry service and Fulfillment Hour Class.

Orientation classes are held from 9:30 am to 10:30 am in the NM Room every first, second & third Sunday. The room is located in front of the Worship Center next to the bookstore. Any Worship Attendant or Greeter will be happy to escort you to the classes.


Our 2014 Orientation Classes will resume on January 5th 2014 at 9:30 am in the New Members Room.    2014 will see the return of “Breakfast with the Pastors”.  To join the New Members Team in 2014, sent your request to Sister Gail Smith.



Brian Courtney Wilson sets the Atmosphere

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Brian Courtney Wilson SingingNovember 27, the Thanksgiving Worship Service received an injection of praise from National Recording Artist Brian Courtney Wilson.  Brother Wilson, a true worshiper, bathed himself in worship in prayer and entered the service ready to share with those in attendance, his amazing life story as well as the music that God has birthed through him.

His opening song was an amazing worship song entitled “Already Here,” and continued in worship with “All I Need.”  Both songs set an amazing tone for the approaching Word from our Pastor.  He concluded with a song inspired by his father and his relationship with God entitled “Proud of You“.

His melodic voice, eased through verse after verse, warming the heart, and casting out anquish doubts and fears, preparing the believer for the seed of the Word brought by our own Pastor O.  His song selection was a progression of love, building and encouraging the audience, reminding them of the love and presence of Christ as the reason above all circumstances to be thankful.


After a powerful message from Pastor O, entitled “The Little Things”, brother Wilson spent moments with the First Met faithful, taking pictures and swapping stories about life in Houston as well as in Chicago.  As a native of Chi-town, he had an instant connection with many members who too were natives about his transition to becoming a Houstonian.  His story of faith and favor served as encouragement to all to follow the voice of God; knowing that His blessings and favor rest on and follow those who are obedient to His command.

Let There Be Snow!

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snowmasterThe 2013 date for “It’s Snowing on the Beltway” is December 21st, from 2pm to 5pm.  This fun event, a vision of Lady O, Executive Pastor of First Met, is a joint venture from The You Belong Food Pantry, Adopt-a-Family and the Young Adult Ministry of First Met.

Bring your family out to thousands of pounds of snow, which will be delivered to the beltway and placed on our Infant Development Center playground.  Kids ranging from toddlers to 12 years of age can enjoy making snow men, snow angels and the fun of making snow balls.

An appearance from Santa himself has been solidified, so your youth can have a special photo opportunity as well as a chance to share Christmas wishes and desires.  SnowBelt4

In addition to Santa, families will be able to meet Senior Pastor of First Met, Dr. John Ogletree, Jr, a Trustee on the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District Board and Executive Pastor Dr. Evelyn Ogletree, a college professor at Lonestar College.

You can receive a notification about “It’s Snowing on The Beltway” and other events by following us on Twitter @FirstMetChurch or on Instagram at 1stMetChurch.  Our website and Facebook are also great sources of information.  See you December 21st from 2pm to 5pm.SnowBelt7

La’Torria…Thanksgiving Worship

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Tonight, Brian Courtney Wilson will minister at First Met, The Place Where You Belong! Join us as God speaks to us through song and through a mighty Word from our Pastor!


Brian Courtney Wilson will be ministering at the 11.27.13 worship service at 7:30 pm.

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Salute to Single Mothers

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The Holidays can be a joyous time for many, but a difficult time for some who are not able to provide for their children due to financial hardship(s). According to the Huffington Post 63% of households in America are of single mothers who are raising their children alone. Many mothers are working more than one job and are the primary breadwinner of their household. It is important to First Metropolitan Church to make sure that each mother feels special during this time. We want to celebrate the hard working mothers of our community.
On December 8, 2013, we are anticipating over 100 single mothers from the community, as well as church members that we would like to honor for their efforts in supporting and raising a family. The event will consist of music, food, gifts, testimonies, and a message delivered by Pastor Ogletree of First Metropolitan Church.  First Metropolitan Church is a place of worship, but we are also a place where EVERYONE matters. Family is essential to us, and being able to provide a special gift to those who are classified as the backbone of their families is extremely important to us.
Most mothers are focused on making sure their children have everything that they need and want for the holidays, but often times they are forgotten. We want to assure that this Holiday season our single mothers are remembered. Please join us in making the single mothers of our community feel loved, appreciated, and special.”
For more information, follow us on Twitter at FirstMetChurch or Instagram at 1stMetChurch.  Our Facebook page and church webpage are also great sources of information.  See you on the 8th, as we Salute Single Mothers

Farm Living is the Life for me

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Holding Puppy on Camp Grounds
Holding Puppy on Camp Grounds

On October 12 2013, the Junior Scouts of Troop 15513 opened the year with a day camping trip to Nelda’s Farm in Trinity Texas.  The girls enjoyed playing with farm animals and learning about farm life.  A memorable moment for the campers was handling a new born puppy as well as feeding a chicken and watching a rooster function on the farm.

The girls got to play on a tire swing which was new to everyone. Girls ChasingThey also painted their walking sticks to prepare for their hike. With every camp opportunity it’s important to know how to start a fire, which the girls learned how to make fire starters with paper egg cartons, dryer lint and crayons.

The girls then got to explore the farm during their hike. For the next trip we will look for arrowheads by the creek where Native Americans used to reside.

The young ladies were treated to a Spaghetti dinner.  The dinner was the efforts of the Leader Selena Montgomery.  For breakfast, the campers had a meal called “Calamity”, which is a combination of eggs, bacon, cheese and hash browns.

GScouts HikingTroop Leader Linda Burnett, makes sure each year, the Girl Scouts make a concerted effort to enjoy and serve nature during these camping trips.  Our goal is to offer experiences the girls would normally not have the opportunity to participate.  Our programs build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. To unite with Troop 15510 ( K-1st), 15512 (6th – 12th) or 15513 (2nd – 5th) , contact Sister Burnett at

Adopt-a-Family this Christmas

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Adopt a Family Team delivering gifts
Adopt a Family Team delivering gifts

Each Christmas, First Met participates in the Adopt-a-Family project.  This project connects people from the church and community with needy families who lack the resources to buy gifts for their youth.  For many of these families, these gifts will be the only ones received during the holiday season.

The team has already identified some needy families, in which we can share the love of Christ with.  These families are made up of a variety of family units in Northwest Houston and Acres Homes, but all have one common trait; their need for assistance making the holidays special for their youth.

To help these families, we are asking, those who are able to, prayerfully help a family from our community this Christmas.  Children can be adopted by an individual or as a group or ministry.  Groups can also adopt a family, as some of our identified families have multiple children who are in need of a holiday blessing.

Forms will be available in the church foyer and can be obtained online through the  Adopt a Family team.  Choose to show the love of Christ through personal sacrifice and gift giving.  All gifts must be delivered to the church by Saturday December 15th.  Gifts will be distributed on Saturday December 21st.  For more information, please contact Sister Jackie Henry at 832-588-0505.

Family picking up gifts