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National Day of Prayer 2018

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From the Pastor’s Desk: May 2, 2018

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May 2, 2018

Greetings Family,

We are entering a very important season in the future of First Met. I am excited about this season as it ushers in June, the month when we celebrate the day God allowed us to enter our current location here on the Beltway.  Each year we celebrate this miracle by giving an extravagant gift to God to show our appreciation for what First Met has meant to us, our families and this community.  This year our theme is Kingdom Focused.  We have pledged to build a worship center for the Lord.  And this we will do! God’s hand is on us.  As I reflect on the changes and blessings around First Met, I can see a glimpse of where God is going to take us.

I’m sure you’ve witnessed and/or felt this as well.  Lives are being changed because years ago a few committed people sacrificed to build our current location.  Many of you are reaping the blessings of those who obeyed God and gave generously so our current building could become a reality.  Now each of you has an opportunity to do the same for God, and for those who will come.  We are giving for our children and their children.  We will leave a legacy that will go on forever on the Beltway.

This year we have seen the impact a church home can have.  It is important that we continue to grow so the needs of this community and city will be met, and many will be discipled for Christ because we gave.   This year I have seen:

  • Relationships developed in our Community Life Groups
  • The initiation of our Growth Track for new members
  • Our new Dream Team Room for those who serve on Sundays
  • The opening of the Training Den for our children’s ministry
  • The new classes on Transformation Night: L.A.C.E., dFree and Freedom
  • The unforgettable Resurrection Sunday service and Children’s program
  • My Kingdom Focused series – especially “The Plus Side” message
  • The present “Doubt Less” series
  • Our new playground
  • The renovations of our church
  • Financial assistance to the Harvey victims
  • Increased our Food Pantry distribution center

We are experiencing the extravagance of God, marriages have been saved, miracles have occurred, multiplication has taken place in our finances, mysteries have been revealed, mountains moved, and new mercies have been seen each morning.  Thank God for His extravagance toward us.  Now it’s time for us to demonstrate extravagance toward His Kingdom.  Everything we have has come from the hands of God!

The Day of Extravagant Giving is on the fourth Sunday, June the 24th.  The fourth Sunday in June was chosen because it marks the Sunday we moved to this property called the “miracle on the Beltway.”  This day is set aside to give at an extravagant level – above tithes and offerings.  The Word of God speaks of people who gave on this level.  King David gave an extravagant offering for the building of the Temple in 1 Chronicles 29:2-5.  Solomon gave an extravagant gift to dedicate the Temple in 2 Chronicles 7:5.  And a poor widow was commended by Jesus for her extravagant gift in Luke 21:1-4.  It’s not equal giving but equal sacrifice.  Everyone has something to give back to God.

Last year, Lady O and I were able to give the most extravagant gift we’d ever given $8,000 above our tithe and offerings.  Like King David, we encourage you to prayerfully plan to join in unity to give your best gift on June 24th with an extravagant gift.  All gifts will go toward our Faith Forward Campaign for our New Sanctuary.  We are meeting with architects and bankers right now.

Remember, your gift is not just recorded on earth.  It is recorded in heaven!  God has blessed you with your gift, so give it back for God’s Kingdom. When you give extravagantly an extravagant blessing from God will await you.  Let’s make June 24th a record day in our church.

Let’s go First Met. – – – Faith Forward Finishing Strong!

Pastor  O





31st Church Anniversary

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February 21, 2018

Greetings First Met!

This Sunday we celebrate 31 years as a family of faith in Northwest Houston.  I am happy to report; God has been so good to us.  His hand has been and remains firmly on our ministry.  I’m sure you have experienced and seen Him work in our congregation as He expands His kingdom. pastor o

This Sunday, we celebrate our church anniversary with some anointed guest:  Bishop Merton L. Clark of Truth Revealed Ministries in Palm Bay, Florida; anointed psalmist Johnny Johnson and gospel comedian “Cantaloupe.”  It’s going to be a glorious 31st celebration!  You will not want to miss this Sunday.  After the 10:45 service, we will salute our Dream Team with a dinner at 2pm honoring for dynamic service.

I want you to think about the message the Spirit of God gave me last Sunday:  “The Plus Side.”  God promises to add to our resources when we put His kingdom and righteousness first.  (Matthew 6:33)   Many of you shared with me how meaningful the message was to you. There are many testimonies in our congregation from those who have experienced the addition of God.

For our 31st I want you to present a significant offering toward our Faith Forward Campaign.  We need to catch up by raising about $1million dollars before June of 2019. We can do this!

The Spirit of God has assured Lady O and me that this year will be a breakthrough year.  Many blessings will flow to First Met and our members this year.  Will you join me in tapping into the overflow from God with a seed of thanksgiving for our church this Sunday?  Sow according to how God has blessed you.  Sow: $31.00; $62.00; $93.00; $131.00; $262.00 or $1,031.00.

Make this a grand anniversary celebration and help put First Met on the Plus Side.  See you Sunday.


From the Heart of Your Pastor,


Dr. John D. Ogletree, Jr.

Magnificent Gift

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Greetings First Met Family,
I’m excited to inform you that we are nearing a very significant time for our church, the commencement of construction plans for our new sanctuary. It’s been almost 18 months since we began our Faith Forward Campaign, and now, it’s time to meet with the bank, the builders and plan for the ground breaking service in 2018.
pasladoI know you’re excited about this news. Each of us will play a critical role in the construction of our new sanctuary. Throughout the Word of God, the house of God has been the central place. The same is true today!
God’s house (sanctuary) is the place built for Gods people to worship Him by His people who are dedicated to Him and His kingdom. It is a place for His presence. It is a place where He listens to our prayers. It is the place where people get saved, healed, delivered, strengthened, encouraged, revived, forgiven, loved, transformed… There is no other place like it in a community.
We have a one of a kind opportunity to build a sanctuary that will have a life changing effect on individuals and families for generations to come. This sanctuary is really not for us, it’s for God, our children and our children’s children. It’s for those who’ll move into this community needing to find God and a people who love and serve Him.
This opportunity will never be available again. The time to get on board is NOW! This dream can only be a reality with the finances from you, God’s people.  Throughout the month of December, I need you to give a “Magnificent Gift”—one that gets the attention of heaven. This special gift is for His house. In the prophetic writing of Haggai, God’s rebuked the Israelites for prioritizing their houses over God’s house. (Haggai 1:2-5) This month resolve to catch up on your pledge, give for the first time or commit with a new pledge.

First Met., let’s take a leap of faith like never before and present a “Magnificent Gift” to God this Christmas Season like you’ve never given before. God sent His “only begotten” Son—the most magnificent gift to all mankind. He gave His best to us, now we must give our best. II Samuel 24:24 tells us that our gift should costs us some level of sacrifice. Based on how you have been blessed, your “magnificent gift” may be in the hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands. Whatever it is, your harvest will reflect your seed. So First Met, lets sow to our Great God, with Great Expectations for a Magnificent Sanctuary!

Faith Forward for 2018,


Pastor O, Lady O

Faith Forward: December 2017

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Message From our Pastors

First Met, we are so excited about the month of December: The Magnificent Gift. We know all of you will do your best to help us reach our goal by New Year’s Eve. Your Magnificent Gift is going to bring us closer to building our sanctuary.

Please pray and join the campaign to build our new sanctuary. Feel free to call the church office at 713-983-7878 for additional information.

With Great Expectations,

Pastor & Lady O


‘The Magnificent Gift’

As we quickly approach the end of the year, we want to make sure we have fulfilled our pledges and are meeting the goal of our capital campaign 2017.

In the month of December, we are asking all members to catch up and/or begin to give to the building campaign. For the next four Sundays, we’re asking each of you to contribute towards ‘The Magnificent Gift’ offering. On the first four Sundays (December 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd) an offering appeal will be given during the worship service, along with a testimony encouraging everyone to bring their Magnificent Gift.

Please be prepared to bring your magnificent Gift each week or you may pay in a lump sum.

On December 31st (New Year’s Eve) we will celebrate the end of the Magnificent Gift giving and announce our final tally.

If you haven’t pledged or you’re new to First Met, we will have a table in the foyer each Sunday to visit and get all of our questions answered as to how you too can get on board to fulfilling this Great Vision for our new sanctuary.

Where are we Today?