Faith Forward Newsletter June 2018

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Volume II, June 2018 Issue

From Our Pastors


Hello First Met Family!

We hope you’re as excited as we are that we are nearing the last year of our initial Faith Forward Capital Campaign. Many of you have pledged and sacrificially given over and above your tithes and offerings for our new sanctuary.  Thank you for your faithfulness!pastorladyo

Over the last two years, we have experienced many blessings! We believe it is because of our faith pledge and our sacrificial giving. We are reminded of the song ‘You can’t beat God giving’ and can say we have not wanted for anything! Our seeds sown into Faith Forward have already come back to us in so many ways!

Now with the last year upon us, I want to encourage you to complete what you have begun. And, if you haven’t joined the hundreds of members who have pledged and given sacrificially, now is the time to do so. You’ll want to be part of those who were used by God to fulfill His vision.

This month in June, we have two exciting dates that you’ll want to focus upon:

1.   June 3rd is our ‘Reveal Day.’ Before your very eyes, you’ll see the glorious
sanctuary that we will build for the Lord. It will be a building that will glorify our
God and showcase our Faith, Obedience and Sacrifice.

2.  June 24th is our ‘Day of Extravagant Giving’. Every member and family will
have the opportunity to emulate the people of God in Exodus 35 along with
1 Chronicles 29, who gave extravagantly for the building of God’s house of worship.
It’s going to be a joyous occasion for us all as we took for a record setting Day of
          Extravagant Giving that will span the history of First Met!

Our word to you is: ‘Push to Finish Strong!’ This is a call to Persevere, Unite, Sacrifice, and Hope! God has been good and gracious to each of us and He expects all of us to give in response to His kingdom! Therefore, everyone (young, young adults, middle aged, seniors, married, single, widowed) should give their very best offerings to finish strong this last year.

We are asking that you follow our lead, with faith and extravagantly give. This sanctuary will serve as God’s place on the Beltway to transform the lives of individuals and families in our community and city. Let’s Finish Strong and do this together! He has chosen to use each of us to be a part of what He is doing.


Enthusiastically Yours,
Pastor & Lady O

Where Are We Today?


Calendar of June Events

June 3rd
Pledge Reveal Day
(Bring back cards completed)

June 10th
Prayer & Rally Sunday
Deacon’s Challenge Update

June 17th
Personal Testimony
Deacon’s Challenge Update

June 24th
Day of Extravagant Giving
(Celebrate and bring God our best offering)
– Top Ten Deacon Family
– 100% participation
– Spirit Rally

Meet the Faith Forward Team


Faith Forward Team (L to R): Daniel Johnson, Jeffrey Gant, Deborah Gant, Stacey Milton & Henry Milton. (also Frank & Yolanda McCammon, Sharon Blue & Linda Burnett)

Thank you for your pledge and support of the
Faith Forward Capital Campaign. Let’s finish strong!


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