Griefshare (Veterans Nov. 11)

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Surviving the HolidaysGreetings,

We will be honoring Veterans on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015 for there brave service for our country. Why? It is because we know and treasure our freedom as a nation. Our personal spiritual freedom is just as important. There are many things that can hold us captive or cause us to get “Stuck” in life. But grief does not have to be one of them.

Please join us tonight, Monday, Nov. 09, 2015 at 6:30 pm as we cover  Session 6:Stuck. Participants will discover: 1. How to prevent getting stuck in grief. 2. Common misconceptions that hinder healing. 3. Why their path to healing isn’t always smooth.

This week’s presentation will be sure to lift your spirit, if you come with a childlike heart. Bring a friend or relative with you to share in this experience.


Brenda Harvey, Facilitator

GriefShare Ministry
P.S. Be encouraged by the devotional below.



My spiritual quest includes a calling to free myself from limitations and barriers that slow my progress. I let go of fear, feelings of lack, or resentments. Freedom from these roadblocks enables me to fully express my divine potential.

The apostle Paul advised the Corinthians to build their lives upon the foundational teachings of Jesus. Like seekers then, I create my life using spiritual tools. I release perspectives and behaviors no longer supporting me. I embrace those in alignment with my understanding of Truth.

Relying on the guidance and insight of God, I embrace my independence and follow the path to my highest good.

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