Being a Light at The Beacon

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IMG_2963 Saturday, the Next Level Young Adult Ministry of First Met set its eyes on showing the love of Christ at The Beacon.

The mission of The Beacon is “to provide services that restores dignity, self respect and hope to Houston’s poor and homeless.”  The ministry was established by Christ Church Cathedral in 2007.  The Beacon averaged servicing to 600 to 800 people a day.

While there,  the young adults served in a variety of capacities.  Manning different station;s which brought together the meal that would feed those that made their way to the Beacon.

“Our members served the community by preparing food,  laundering clothes, and monitoring facility usage” said Chriswell Jones. Though the work was a sacrifice, they served with a smile, bringing a loving attitude and hard working diligence.  IMG_2968

Brooke said, “Being able to serve the community of those less fortunate was a blessing to me. I enjoy seeing the smile on their faces IMG_2965as we serve them. Beacon community center is doing great things to bless the Houston community.”

“The event was rewarding for all”  Chriswell reported.

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