New Members Orientation 2013 in Review

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You Belong!

The New Members ministry congratulates the 2013 New Member Orientation Grads.

Photo 2
Danielle is all smiles after receiving her
Certificate of Completion.

The New Members Ministry’s purpose is twofold: We help members become acquainted with the history and overall function of the church. We encourage them to move beyond a “positional membership of belonging to their new church home to a participating membership”. Danielle Jones – April Grad

To achieve this, we will study and align ourselves with the First Metropolitan Church vision statement that states: We are a family of faith, leading people to become fully developing followers of Christ by Belonging, Connecting, Growing and Serving.

Some July Grads include Freddie Richard Jr., Mary Malveaux, Mekeba Gordon and Joyce Townsend receiving their
Certificates of Completion.

We then focus on the mission of First Met which is to be a Dynamic Congregation, that Declares God’s Word to our Community and beyond; that Draws people to Christ; that leads people to Develop a godly lifestyle; and seeks to Demonstrate God’s love through service. At the end of New Member class and Network, we present you with opportunities to grow, give and serve.

The New Member Process

New members orientation consists of 3 consecutive orientation classes that are held every first, second and third Sunday of each month. On the fourth Sunday, members are welcomed to the VIP You Belong Graduation Reception.

VIP Graduate Reception

The VIP reception is on the fourth Sunday of each month to recognize the completion and transitioning of the new member. Members get to connect with ministry, Network & Fulfillment Hour leaders. Certificates of Completion are also presented.

Need to Attend Orientation?

Chris Jones receiving his Certificates of Completion and prepare to join
their Fulfillment Hour Class.
August Graduate Justina Freeman is all smiles after completing New Member Orientation and prepares for ministry service and Fulfillment Hour Class.

Orientation classes are held from 9:30 am to 10:30 am in the NM Room every first, second & third Sunday. The room is located in front of the Worship Center next to the bookstore. Any Worship Attendant or Greeter will be happy to escort you to the classes.


Our 2014 Orientation Classes will resume on January 5th 2014 at 9:30 am in the New Members Room.    2014 will see the return of “Breakfast with the Pastors”.  To join the New Members Team in 2014, sent your request to Sister Gail Smith.



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