Lifes a Beach; so Clean it up

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September 28, 2013, Girl Scout Troop 15513, took a trip to Galveston Texas for their Adopt a Beach Clean up.  Troop Leader Linda Burnett & Group Leader, Monica Martin took 4 troop members across the Gulf of Mexico on the Bolivar Peninsula Ferry to a private shore line to assist a community in removing trash and debris from the shore line.

Girl Scouts Cleaning Beach
Girl Scouts Cleaning Beach

The troop experienced both the beauty of Gods creation, and the un-appreciation shown from His creation.  On the ferry,  the young ladies enjoyed the gentle cool breeze provided by the ferry, along with a wonderful view of dolphins breaking the water of the gulf.  After the ride, the young ladies walked the shore line, armed with trash bags, gloves and good old fashion woman power.  They combed the area, helping the habitat remain clean, and gathering materials to be recycled.   Working as a team, they formed a strategy to work the coast.

As the girls broke for lunch, they received encouragement from each other as well as their leaders.  Troop member Layla expressed, “we needed the encouragement, because the work was challenging.  It was also discouraging because a person on the shore line, threw a piece of trash on the ground despite seeing their efforts to clean.  Sister Burnett & Sister Martin both expressed their pride in the girls effort, reminding them that their efforts were both beneficial and not in vain.

The girls scouts continue to look for new ways to impact the environment.  Their determination and hard work are sure to extend the life of the local habitation.   To unite with Troop 15510 ( K-1st), 15512 (6th – 12th) or 15513 (2nd – 5th) , contact Sister Burnett at

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